I think this is a year of self-responsibility.

We have been facing things that are putting us in a very uncomfortable seat and we don’t know how to deal with any of it.

We started the year having to face that we as a whole are scared to leave our houses because of something we don’t know much about even though we have made “so many advancements in medicine”.

As a civilisation we took pride of being so much more advanced than our ancestors yet something is threatening to kill us now at a scary rate, potentially the same rate as 100 years ago when we faced the Spanish flu.

As a society we have an alarming number of people who are living with pre-existing diseases that put them at a very high risk in getting seriously ill or dying with this epidemic.

100 years ago black people were being attacked by white people across the country in America:


But yet we pride ourselves for being more acceptant, for living in a society that is more inclusive while companies talk about gender equality, unconscious bias and everything that doesn’t necessarily represent the realities of our societies.

I believe strongly the only thing we can do is to take responsibility of everything that is happening around us and think about what we can do as an individual to create a better reality than we are living right now.

Because no, we haven’t got healthier in the last 100 years and no our world hasn’t got less racist either.🙁

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