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I was 38 years old

when I was…diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. When I was told about it, in that exact moment, my world stopped… I froze with fear, sadness and I couldn’t even begin to start thinking about how my life was going to be from that moment on. After spending a couple of weeks in a really dark place, I gathered some strength from inside my physical and mental body to tackle what it was the biggest challenge of my life. As my cancer was in the Bowel, I started questioning everything I ate to begin with as whatever I was doing clearly didn’t work for me. I start reading books and step by step I started understanding the benefits of the food that came from nature. For me it became about getting as close as I could to nature, eating things that I knew where they came from, things that were alive as this was my exact focus: being and staying alive.

Then I came across all the research around exercise and cancer. I had already started walking but I knew I needed to do more so again slowly, at baby steps, I added exercise to my daily routine. On my worst days, I would drag my self for a walk around the block, on my best days, I would ride my bike outside or inside (on a wind trainer), work on some resistance training(at home) but the best thing I did was yoga. I found a Youtube chanel that I liked, that I felt connected to and I practiced yoga as much as I could.

My body started to feel stronger even though I was being hammered by chemotherapy every 2-3 weeks. I carried on reading about the body, the mind, the whole body mind connection. I was searching for ways to get back into balance, to help my body to heal.

I then knew I needed to tackle my emotional state of mind, my thoughts, the ugly things that were inside myself making me sick and that was hard…but it needed to be done and again slowly I started working on observing my thoughts, focussing on the positives in any situation, controlling my emotions and going through all the emotional baggage that didn’t serve me anymore.

I am proud to say that everything that I did during my cancer treatment paid off big time, all my hard work was worthy it. I feel I am a changed person after cancer, I haven’t gone back to my old habits in regards to food, I still exercise every day and my mental state is happy and grateful mostly. This picture was taken 4 months after I had finished chemotherapy (and 2 months after a hysterectomy), no make up, no editing… this is me…

This is my mission now…

Needless to say I become super passionate about my journey, what I went through was powerful in a positive way. I feel I rebuild a relationship with myself. I feel I walked back to myself. I am not claiming perfection here by any means. My physical, mental and spiritual health became my focus. As I re-entered normal life, I found people suffering physically, mentally with things that they got used to, things that they accepted as their new reality.

But I couldn’t accept cancer, chemotherapy as the definition of my new future so I kept reading more, researching more and I believe anyone can overcome anything if they truly believe in it. If you focus on something that is causing you pain and suffering whether it is physical or mental, you can change things. But it all comes down to each individual and their connection to their whys.

As our lives become busier and our minds get bombarded with information, social media pressures, technology…and the list goes on…we are becoming more and more disconnected to ourselves, to nature, to God (or any spirituality of any kind).

And on that journey, we are forgetting about the only thing that really matters: our physical and mental health. We are putting everything first but ourselves and we are getting sicker and unhappier.

My mission is now to teach people to walk back to themselves, to make the connection to themselves again, to rebuild a healthy life inside out.

I am not a doctor, or a health practitioner of any kind but I am a doer. I read many books, I listened to podcast, youtube videos. I didn’t stop researching and learning(and still do). I didn’t just settle for surviving during chemotherapy, I got stronger in each session. I felt my body was healing. I worked really hard at it, every day, day in and day out. I am not saying I didn’t have any bad days because I did but most importantly I didn’t sit still, I took this opportunity to work on the things that didn’t serve my body and mind anymore. I focussed on my why’s, I wanted to live for myself, for my kids, for the person who I wanted to be, for the things I wanted to live and feel. There wasn’t anything that deviated me from my purpose. I stuck with it. So if I can do it, I believe you can do it too and my mission is to help you to get there. I have created 3 different types of services to tailor to your needs, so move on to the “Services” page to check out which one best suits you.

Don’t wait any longer! If you are still reading, it is because you feel you need to change something…you need to look after your health…take the next step to create a healing, a healthy life. It is possible and it doesn’t need to be hard. This is your life and this is real! You only get one shot at this….don’t waste it!

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