Health & Life Coach, Stage 3 Bowel Cancer Thriver, Mum and Wife.

I empower high achieving women to optimise their health through body and mind rewiring without gimmicks.

I have a Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences and I truly believe in a holistic approach. Health is not one size fits all, it requires a personalised approach if you want to unlock your full potential.





Change your habits with Angelica Alen
Optimising Your Health Is Possible

Are you a high-achieving woman who knows you are destined for more?

but what are the problems you are facing?

Deep down you are on the verge of burnout and you know you need to do something different about it.

You are over being exhausted, overweight, hormonal and out of shape and although you have tried loads of different programs and diets, you feel stuck – like if you are going round in circles.

You feel frustrated that you’re not achieving the level of success you know you’re capable of. You are no longer kicking goals even though you know you can do more, you can achieve more.

You are becoming increasingly aware of your bullshit and you are now ready to take the first step to unleash your full potential in body and mind without gimmicks.

You are at the right place!


“Following the program was easy because I was ready” Diana M.

The program was easy to follow because I was ready.” Diana has completely changed all her physical habits: diet, exercise, sleep etc during the time we work together.

When I asked her about the challenges she faced while doing it, she described it as a process that it was easy because she was ready.

Diana worked through mental patterns and construct she was living under and developed a new perspective in life.

She is more in control of her mental and emotional state and knows what to do to bounce back from adversity.

She took control of everything that was happening outside of her: her relationships and her work life.

She started a side business whilst working a full time job which has been once upon a time a dream but it is now a reality.

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Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences – 2022

Quantum Health Coach – 2021

Yoga Teaching Training RYT 200 HRS – 2020

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