From Sickness to Health, Happiness and Success

Do you feel exhausted all the time?

Are you stressed and overwhelmed?

Have you tried a million things but your health is still suffering?

Do you feel lost and disconnected?


From Stage 3 Bowel Cancer to HEALTH, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS by changing physical and emotional habits.


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  • How I created a happy marriage…
    Coming from a chauvinist culture I grew up in an environment where I saw men behaving in different ways than women  Like cheating was ok for men whilst women had to just put up with it I saw girls my age putting up with it, cousins older than me putting up with it and aunties […]
  • Can you look yourself in the eyes and say “I love you”?
    People get confused and upset to talk about self love… Confused because although they understand the concept,  they are too far from feeling it for real They then choose that it is not an important practice Always easier to run away, suppress it or hide away from the truth When they truly know they don’t […]
  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think
    I wouldn’t have 👉🏽left Brazil when I was 21 years old with €1000 euros and nobody to fall back on👉🏽invited my husband now (a stranger then) to come and visit me in Belgium after meeting him in Budapest for a day👉🏽moved to England to follow him👉🏽moved to Australia to cure my daughters asthma👉🏽changed my diet […]
  • Stop Looking for ShortCuts
    Today once more someone tried selling me supplements…😩 Look, I am not opposed to supplements at all… But supplements alone is not going to save you.🙄 If that is the only thing you do whilst you are eating pizza, fries, burgers, chocolate and soft drinks… Supplements is just an attempt to create a shortcut to […]
  • Claim who you’re really here to be
    As I observe my kids closely on this incredible experience we are enjoying together… Travelling around Australia… I am reminding myself of what I experienced as a child… I felt I wanted to do more and be more than anybody else around me… I felt that I didn’t belong in my family or culture… I […]