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How I created a happy marriage…

Coming from a chauvinist culture I grew up in an environment where I saw men behaving in different ways than women 

Like cheating was ok for men whilst women had to just put up with it

I saw girls my age putting up with it, cousins older than me putting up with it and aunties putting up with it

As I observed all of it, I DECIDED 

yes I DECIDED that I wasn’t going to settle for any relationship 

I wasn’t going to be treated with disrespect 

I wasn’t going to hope and wish that my relationship was going to be ok

I made a DECISION that I was going to marry for love

And that my husband was going to adore me and treat me with respect 


I had so many opportunities to settle for a relationship that would make my parents happy 

or my extended family happy

or even the society around me happy


Most people are scared to choose what they want

because deep down they are not sure of themselves

therefore they don’t know what they want

they are being guided by fear and by what others want

when you are disconnected from who you are 

and you are being guided by fear

It is difficult to create what you truly want

When you connect to yourself, you understand who you are,

you start creating exactly what you want

and You let go of the need of approval that is led by fear.

If that is where you are at

wanting to connect to who you truly are

So you can create a life that you want to live


where you will learn how to LOVE YOURSELF

and from that place create a life you want

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Can you look yourself in the eyes and say “I love you”?

People get confused and upset to talk about self love…

Confused because although they understand the concept, 

they are too far from feeling it for real

They then choose that it is not an important practice

Always easier to run away, suppress it or hide away from the truth

When they truly know they don’t love themselves, 

They feel upset 

Because they can’t get out of that feeling

The feeling that they are not enough

They don’t matter

They are not important

They are not worth

So it is easier to get upset about it than deal with it…

This is exactly where I was…

I never thought my cancer journey was going to be about learning to love myself

And accept myself truly and deeply

For everything I was…

The good and the bad…

When I started loving myself, it was easier to eat foods that made my body heal…

To listen to things that helped my mind to heal…

To do things that made myself feel happy and content…

To create a life for me and not for others…

To put myself first

When I didn’t love myself, it felt like I enjoyed punishing myself with rubbish food…

With stress and anger…

With feeling unhappy and discontent…

Learning how to love myself was the foundation for my healing

It took so much courage to admit that 

I had been abusing my body because I didn’t love myself. 

I had low self-worth and lived like a victim. 

I spent most of my time trying to be a perfectionist to cover up for how unworthy I felt.

Cancer taught me how to free myself from the inside out, 

how to walk back to myself again, 

how to build a relationship with who I really am. 

Cancer taught me to love myself for real

Wanna LEARN how to LOVE YOURSELF for real?

Sign up to the SELF LOVE DISCOVERY course for $147 USD

where I will take you on a journey to LOVE YOURSELF for REAL (with practical steps)

If you want to create a different life than yours, building the right fioundation is where you start.

How different would your life be if you built your life based on loving yourself firstly and foremost?

I can assure you…

It will be INCREDIBLE!

Because this is what I am experiencing it!🙌🏽

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Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

I wouldn’t have

👉🏽left Brazil when I was 21 years old with €1000 euros and nobody to fall back on
👉🏽invited my husband now (a stranger then) to come and visit me in Belgium after meeting him in Budapest for a day
👉🏽moved to England to follow him
👉🏽moved to Australia to cure my daughters asthma
👉🏽changed my diet dramatically while going through cancer treatment
👉🏽leave my corporate job to start my business with 0 clients

If I had listened to other people’s opinions and advice

I was alone…

In all of these situations

Going against everyone’s opinions

Including the people who were the closest to me

My family never wanted me to leave Brazil🙁

My friends told me I was crazy to invite Nick to my house after meeting him for a day 🤔

I got people saying to me
“Are you going to follow a man and leave your life behind you?

18 years happily married later: hell yes! ❤️

My husband wasn’t keen to leave NZ because he loved it out there

But nothing would have stopped this mama bear here saving her baby 🙌🏽

People told me:

You can’t stop eating meat. You need meat.

Starting a business is risky. How are you going to earn money? 😳

It turns out that I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been.

My business is doing incredibly well🔥

If I had listened to other people’s opinion and cared about what they thought of me.

I wouldn’t have taken any of these risky actions in my life

I would have settled

For something that I wasn’t happy with

For a life that didn’t fulfil me

For an existence that I would have resented




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Stop Looking for ShortCuts

Today once more someone tried selling me supplements…😩

Look, I am not opposed to supplements at all…

But supplements alone is not going to save you.🙄

If that is the only thing you do whilst you are eating pizza, fries, burgers, chocolate and soft drinks…

Supplements is just an attempt to create a shortcut to health…

I am not going to sugar coat reality. It is not what I do.

Being healthy takes a lot more than that…

Especially when you are alreayd sick like I was…

Dealing with a diagnosis…

When I asked this person what else they were doing to create health…

They said “I am trying to eat more veggies and fruits” but I fell off the wagon because it was too hard.

“I know it is simple and easy but…”

I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached by people who are NOT healthy to sell me SUPPLEMENTS.

Supplements is a multi zillion dollar industry because most people are looking for shortcuts and shortcuts are easy to market.

But I hate to break to you

There is no shortcuts to health…

You can take supplements if you like as an additional bonus but if that is the only thing you are doing

I bet you are not achieving what you want when it comes to health.

Shortcuts are an illusion…

I believe in going all in and doing the work…

I am not just saying that but I am a living proof of that…

When I look back at my life and stand proud of something I have achieved…

It has NEVER BEEN through a shortcut path…

I had to work through the whole process…

If you have had ENOUGH of trying SHORTCUTS, and you are READY to do the work

Check out my course


if you want to create 

👉🏽10 x physical energy levels

👉🏽10 x mental focus and strength 

👉🏽10 x emotional resilience

FOR $147 USD

you can take charge of what YOU CAN DO to CREATE HEALTH

And if want to be guided by someone who has gone from SICKNESS to HEALTH for REAL,

Book a call with me before this opportunity will no longer be available

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Claim who you’re really here to be

As I observe my kids closely on this incredible experience we are enjoying together…

Travelling around Australia…

I am reminding myself of what I experienced as a child…

I felt I wanted to do more and be more than anybody else around me…

I felt that I didn’t belong in my family or culture…

I wanted so badly to be free…

And do what I wanted…

But even though I thought for my freedom when I left Brazil and did some crazy things that nobody in my family or circle of friends ever imagined they could do or did…

I still accepted an average life with mediocre happiness…

It wasn’t until cancer knocked on my door and said:

“Is this what you are doing for the rest of your life or 

Are you going to be who you really are?”

We all want freedom to be who we want to be…

But few people have the courage to do so…

Deep down is less about the material stuff and more about the feelings…

Feeling free

Feeling happy

Feeling fulfilled

The majority of people in this world can’t feel free because they are chained to an unhealthy body…

I have been there and know exactly what it feels like…

You can’t run away from it…

Happiness and fulfillment then becomes an illusion…

When you are a kid you have all the energy in the world to dream…

But as you turn into an adult, your energy is depleted not only because how much you have been conditioned

But by how much you have abused your body.

Freedom, happiness and fulfillment comes from within 

and that includes your physical body…

A ton of people have signed up to my courses in the past week and I have received some incredible feedback already.

I have learned in my journey as an entrepreneur that ANYBODY who wants to CHANGE their LIVES 

THEY DO because they back themselves up regardless of WHEREthey are at.

They take action and follow through.

5 weeks before the end of 2022…

Don’t let SOCIETY dictate what you will do for the rest of this year.

Take charge and act differently than most people so you can too change your life.

Most people will be drinking and eating their way up to Xmas with another excuse to fail to show up to themselves.

That is THEM and that doens’t need to be YOU.

If you are READY to take charge of your health and life,

start here

If you are READY to get personalised guidance from me, book a call below

(this is not something I will be offering for long)

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“Cancer was the best thing that happened in my life”

I kept reading this sentence in every book I read during chemotherapy.

After my emergency surgery I had one month to recover before the 12 sessions of chemotherapy I had to follow as my protocol.

I was given the Stage 3B Bowel Cancer diagnosis at 38 years old. No family history, only bad luck.

I thought to myself

“How come cancer can be the best thing that happened in my life?

I have 2 children who are 6 and 4 and now all they see is an exhausted sick mum in bed most of the time.”

The books were about recipes and stories of cancer patients who had navigated through the “cancer tunnel”

I call it “cancer tunnel” because I believe once you go in, you never come out in the same way.

One day before chemotherapy started, I had a PICC line put on my arm and now I can’t even have a shower…


I am still not in touch with the gift of cancer…”

After my first chemotherapy session, my body was beyond a mess. I had been connected to a pump for 48 hours which was slowly releasing chemotherapy into my heart.

When the nurse came to my house to disconnect the pump, I was left in bed hanging on to my life by a thread…

And for the first time I got connected to the cancer gift…

All I could do was to breath and in that moment of desperation, I became so present that I could hear the birds chirping…

For a few moments, I had a deep sense of being alive that I hadn’t connected to in years.

Perhaps for my whole life.

How incredible it is that we breath 24/7 and don’t even realise what the breath does for us.

I could also feel my heart pumping. How amazing it is to have a heart that pumps involuntary to keep us alive.

I went from being present to being truly grateful for my life, for what my body was doing for me.

Whilst connecting to my heart, I couldn’t help but realise in that moment that my heart was hurting…

My heart had been hurting for years. I had been angry with my family for so many years…

And I knew deep inside that cancer was life communicating with me about that

That anger and resentment was killing me. But how could I let go?

For a moment I had to park those thoughts. I couldn’t deal with the thought of forgiving them yet so I decided to be kind to myself and focus on what I could deal with in that moment – I went back to my breath.

I kept reading more books on nutrition and on cancer survivors’ journeys.

Slowly I started changing my diet.

Then I read about how exercise impacted positively on cancer recovery. So I started exercising. Going for gentle walks, riding my bike outside and inside too on a wind trainer.

I went back to something that I have always wanted to do but never had the time in my life.

I started practicing yoga. I had been to one handful yoga classes but never really followed through with it. 

As I kept showing up every day on the mat. I remember when the teacher said for the first time:

“Connect to your body”

I realised that I had been disconnected from my body for years. It was almost as if I didn’t live in my body.

“Where have I been?” I thought

“I have been busy running around like a headless chicken. Not spending any time with myself. Not knowing who I had become. Or maybe too scared to find out.”

Then I read another book that suggested me to write down things I love doing but never got around to doing it. The book talked about how important it was to connect to joy in the healing journey.

I simply wrote:





I have always loved reading, but life got too busy and I stopped it. I promised myself that I would never stop reading from that moment on.

“Why did I anyway? Why did I stop listening to music? When did I stop dancing?

Ok, I am the worst singer ever but I still I would like to learn. Would I get another chance?”

As the thought of dying crossed my mind, I begged for another chance…

I wanted to live so badly. There is so much more I wanted to do. 

This is when I connected to the gift for the second time. I have been living a life for others and have forgotten about myself. I want to live so badly now but this time I want to live for me.

During chemotherapy I walked back to myself again. I spent so much time on my own when my kids would go to school and my husband would go to work that I got to know who I was. I built this incredible relationship with my body and mind. I thanked my body for everything it was doing for me. I stopped being afraid from my thoughts. I kept looking into them deeper. I was no longer scared to sit with them, to sit with my fears.

I thought my life had been hard. I thought my family had gone through a terrific trauma when my dad lost everything in a family business court battle. I thought it wasn’t fair that my dad had treated me differently than my brother because I was a girl. I thought the decisions my dad made after that were irresponsible and affected me immensely.

So as a type A person, I needed to do something about it so I called the Employee Assistance Program.

At the time I had quarantined myself as at the beginning of my treatment I was catching every cough and cold there was, and my chemotherapy treatments were getting delayed which wasn’t ideal.

The kind psychologist listened to my introduction over the phone:

“My name is Angelica, and I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. I am 38 years old, and my kids are 4 and 6. I have read every book under the sun about nutrition and I get that I need to change my habits and I am on a path to doing that. But there is one thing I need help with: I need to forgive my parents and I can’t. Can you help me with that?”

He paused on the other side of the phone. He was calm and compassionated. He complimented me for my courage to change my habits and my focus even though I was going through a scary time in my life. Then he told me something that made me stop and think:

“Why should your family behave like you want them to behave if you haven’t behaved like they wanted you to behave?”

I left Brazil when I was 21 years old against my dad’s will. At the time my mum and dad were so busy with the court battle, they didn’t have the strength to stop me.

I saved up my money and left. It was one of the hardest things I had done in my life but I didn’t see myself creating a life in Brazil. Breaking away from everything I knew without much of a plan, or much money was painful and scary. I also knew I didn’t have anybody to fall back on if things went pear shape.

As an immigrant in Spain, I struggled to get a job and every time I spoke to my parents on the phone, I could hear their disappointment.

Today I recognize that they were not disappointed at all, they were disappointed in themselves because they knew they couldn’t help me.

My forgiveness journey didn’t stop there because forgiveness is a process, and one needs to be prepared to stick at it to free themselves for real. I kept asking God to take away all that anger from my heart and my soul because deep down I just couldn’t do it on my own. I kept focusing on my practices to release the stress and anger I had accumulated in my body through yoga. I took on meditation and started connecting to feelings of peace which I never experienced before.

Forgiveness was the third biggest gift cancer gave me. I wouldn’t have entertained forgiveness if it wasn’t for cancer.

Cancer made me stop and think: “Do you want to forgive and be healed, or do you want to be sick and die?”

Anger and resentment eat us alive slowly and I was a living proof of that. Until I committed to saying: NO MORE. I did the work and forgave my family. I stopped expecting they were going to behave differently. I opened my heart to building a different relationship with them and I did. I set boundaries at the same time and honoured my needs as I learned to be around them again.

After about 4 sessions of chemo, I ended up in hospital with a bleed that nobody could stop.

I had been told that I was going to go into menopause during chemo, but I didn’t. I was bleeding to death. Doctors were trying to give me medication to stop the bleeding until my body started shutting down. My white cells (your soldier cells that will fight for you) were down to 0. My red cells were going downhill rapidly, and I needed a blood transfusion. After 2 bags of blood and 1 bag of iron, my body wasn’t recovering. Every morning I would wake up and ask the nurses for my blood results until one day, one of the doctors came to see me on her own. She was from Colombia and spoke to me in Spanish. I could see she had come as a human being wanting to help another human being not only as a doctor.

She said: “Angelica, you need to let go. Right now, your condition is very serious, and you need to stay in here. You can’t get out there because you have 0 white cells. Anybody with a cough can cough on you and you will die. Your body will do what it does at the time that it wants to do.”

I stopped for a moment after she left. I had been trying to control everything and everyone. No, I wasn’t classified as a control freak but yes, I was a control freak. We live in a world that leads us to think we can control everything, but we can’t. Letting go of control feels lighter, holding on to everything feels heavier. I had been addicted to stress for decades now and part of it was fed by my need to control. I couldn’t handle when things got out of my control. No wonder I got sick. It is not sustainable to live like that.

This was the fourth gift cancer gave me. Learning to let go of control, accept life as it is even when it is difficult and trusting the process of life. As I let go, my cell count went back to normal and I was home in a couple of days.

These little changes I made during chemo started compounding into positive differences in my body and how I felt mentally and emotionally. I had been taking on the learnings of cancer and applying my learnings every single day. 

I started getting stronger after each chemo session. I was more in control of my emotions when I had a setback. I was more patient and grateful for everything my body was doing for me. I felt different, lighter, happier and somehow healthier even though I was going through chemotherapy.

I realised I had many flaws that I needed to work on but I was an incredibly courageous human being. I had lived in 5 different countries. I had done so many cool things like walking a puma in the jungles of Bolivia. I spoke 4 languages and everywhere I went I made lifelong friends who now were calling me from all over the world.

I had created a beautiful family. My husband loved me unconditionally and we had a loving relationship. My kids were happy and we were so close as a family.

This was the fifth gift cancer gave me – I felt a deep sense of belonging with what I had created, my little family and my life. I belonged to me.

Even though I was creating my own bubble, the cancer world is full of fear and keeping my thoughts away from that negativity was key during that process.

Every time I sat down at the cancer centre reception next to another patient waiting for their treatment, they would tell me some horrendous stories about how their cancer came back and all the side effects they were suffering.

Every person I met and told them about my cancer diagnosis, they would change their facial expression to one of pity followed by an unhelpful comment that talked about someone they knew who had died of cancer. The fear of death was real.

I had the opportunity to go and see the pastor of my church. I had moved away from God and I knew I needed to connect to God again. As I sat in front of the pastor, I was bawling my eyes out. 

I told him about my diagnosis and I proceed to say: “But I have 2 kids and they are only 6 and 4 and they need me”

The pastor looked straight into my eyes and asked: “Angelica, what do you think it is going to happen if you die?”

I could barely breath as I stop to think about that question. My head started going through my funeral, my husband telling my kids that I had died, my kids crying, my kids going to school after my death, their birthdays without me, their weddings…

For a split second I saw my whole family’s lives in front of me without me and I said:

“Nothing is going to happen. They are going to have to deal with it”

The pastor said: “Yes, how many kids do you think grow up without a mum or a dad?”

I left the pastor’s office feeling lighter than I had ever felt since my diagnosis. I realised I was so focusing on dying that I was forgetting to live.

I realised we are all going to die, and it is crazy that we live thinking we are not. It is the only certainty we have yet we are too afraid to even talk about it. This is the sixth gift cancer gave me: life is here and now. And tomorrow is not a sure thing. Live your best life now.

Stop waiting. This is all we have.

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How to become 1% of the 1%?

I am here for the true 1% within the 1%, the ones who CHOSE to identify themselves as such and 


We all know everything we want to find out

the world is not short of information 

but only 1% is living a life filled with health, happiness and freedom.

Because only 1% of people are taking action

I am not only talking about financial freedom 

I see too many people getting fixated on money only as if this is the only definition of success

whilst their health is left in the background

Their relationships are in shambles if they have any

They are slave of wanting and buying material objects to fill the void they fill on the inside

Don’t get me wrong

Money is good 

Money is energy

And we need good energy

but there are too many successful people in the graveyard these days

and I certaintly don’t want to be one of them

A successful life needs a balance of health, happiness and freedom.

But what I see mostly is people scrolling looking for the next short cut

Moaning and complaining about their life

and hoping and wishing something is going to change out of thin air

Most of my clients came to me when they were ready to do the work

They were so sick of everything that was making them unhappy

that they invest on themselves

Took action

and got results

If you ask me what mostly stop people is 

FEAR – fear of themselves and the commitment to themselves –

Nothing to do with anybody else other than themselves

It is not about the money

It is about

If I buy this course, when will I do it?

What will she say that I don’t know already?

How can I change my life if I am so busy?

I can’t fit in anything else in my life…

Truth is, we all change when we want to change

We all seek help when we are sick of our own misery

We all make changes when we can no longer put up with our own sffering.


Our lives are a picture of what it is important to us

How much time do you spend scrolling on social media?

How much time do you spend exercising and cooking healthily?

How much money do you spend on things you don’t need?

How much money do you spend on your growth and development?

Ya see if you won the lottery today

You might be able to get a make over

but if what goes in your mouth and in your head is unhealthy

Guess what?

You will be unhealthy

If you had all the time in the world

You might be able to exercise, cook from scratch, meditate, practice yoga

But would you have the motivation to do it?

When it comes to change our lives

how we feel deeply inside

we need to a ton of work to reprogram all the harmful habits we collected through our lives when we were living asleep

and this is what the 1% of 1% of people in the world did, do and will continue to do

They don’t play the victim

They don’t blame on anybody else

They take full responsibility on what they can do every single day

They have sacrificed once upon in time spending money on things they didn’t need to

to spending money on themselves

They have sacrificed once upon in time spending time with their family and friends to

spending time on their grow and development

“If you don’t sacrifice for your dreams, then your dreams will become the sacrifice”

3 more days before the BUNDLE OFFER Expires on the 25th Nov



Health coach travelling and working
Travelling with my family and working remotely helping people transform their lives
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Is Fear preventing you from Living your Purpose?

I spent years telling myself I wanted a life that truly and deeply I didn’t want.

A good job 

A good salary

A ‘normal’ life

This is what I had and what I thought I wanted

But as I kept pushing this life down my throat 

and denied who I was and came here to be

I became sick

When you spend 8 hours per day 5 days per week and more doing something that it doesn’t give you joy

doesn’t fulfill your purpose

and is not in line with who you are

You can lie about your happiness only for so long

whilst deep inside the lie starts eating you alive.

After I had done all my physical and emotional healing I knew that if I kept living this lie

My sickness would come back

I needed to give myself permission to be who I really was and let the world see me for real

I knew that part of my healing was to live up to my true calling

When you have certainty in your heart and in your soul that you are on a path

that you are doing what you are meant to do

being who you are meant to be

the money, life and fulfillment you have longed for


You go from dragging yourself around daily existing

To enjoying the process each day and getting excited about it all

If you are on a journey back to connecting to who you truly are

To healing yourself so you can help others

To embrace your inner power so you can shine your light to the world

If you want to stop settling for this existence that is not the true ‘you’ 

that me and you know is only harming your body, mind and soul

Here is your answer👇🏼

You get 3 courses for $147 USD (offer expires on the 25th Nov 22) to help you


Get ready to help others without the barriers you have created in your head that are stopping you from starting your business


Let go of the imposter syndrome and self doubt that is stopping you from putting yourself and your story out there. 


Have a plan to manage the stresses that come with being a true entrepreneur

After finishing these 3 courses you will have:

👉🏼overcome the imposter syndrome

👉🏼Create self belief 

👉🏼Steps to get you started for real

👉🏼A plan to de-stress daily as new entrepreneur 

“You can achieve anything! But most likely won’t as you’ll come up with a great excuses not to”

Peter Crone

No more excuses my friend

Take action and Stop Hiding

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How to start NEW HABITS that actually stick

Eating healthy is a habit

Eating unhealthy is a habit

Sleeping well is a habit

Sleeping badly is a habit

Exercise is a habit

Not exercising is a habit

Meditation is a habit

Running like a headless chicken is a habit

Being happy is a happy

Being unhappy is a habit

Being grateful is a habit

Being ungrateful is a habit

Being calm is a habit

Being angry is a habit

Blaming is a habit

Taking responsibility is a habit

Feeling like a victim is a habit

Empowering yourself is a habit

It is all a habit….

It is up to us to decide….

Which habit we will follow…

But don’t forget, you don’t have to stay stuck with one of them….

You can change…

But the trick is…

You are the only one who can do it…

Nobody will do it for you

“Changing habits is challenging until you practice long enough that becomes part of who you are. All you have to do is start.”

Angelica Alen


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STOP hanging around with NEGATIVE PEOPLE – they keep dragging your energy down

“The economy in the world is all bugged”

The guy started chatting with me and regardless of what I said

He answered with a “negative view” on the subject

He told me the city we were staying was boring

And asked

“What are you doing here?”

When I told him I was travelling with my family around Australia…

He then proceeded to say

“This city is full of crime”

So I said

“I kinda of like what I have seen and we have been lucky that we haven’t experienced any crime”

As I observed his energy and his words I realised that once upon a time I lived in that place

👉🏽the world is a bad place

👉🏽everything is s***

👉🏽there is more negativity than positivity in life

These days I am very selective of the people who I speak to randomly for that reason

I gathered my kids from the pool and cut the conversation short

I don’t feed into negativity anymore

Or allow the negativity of the world to get to me

Being positive is a habit

That you need to practice every single day

There are more positive than negativity in the world

Stay conscious about what you focus on

Set your boundaries to protect your energy

Hope you have a fabulous week filled with positive vibes and energy