I went through every piece in my life and picked it a part…

After my cancer diagnosis at 38 years old, I knew I needed to act quickly…I needed to change every aspect of my life if I wanted to live a long life. Turning up to chemotherapy wasn’t going to cut the mustard…I needed to do a lot more than that… Cancer recurrence is real…and after you […]

Taking personal responsibility…

I think this is a year of self-responsibility. We have been facing things that are putting us in a very uncomfortable seat and we don’t know how to deal with any of it. We started the year having to face that we as a whole are scared to leave our houses because of something we […]

Is it really possible to have less stress?

It is a powerful exercise to observe what things/people/situations trigger us to become stressed, to feel stressed. For me I noticed that “worry” was a big part of my stress… Before cancer, I worried about what would happen at work if I had a meeting with someone who I didn’t shared many common interests with…I […]

How do we change our own behaviours?

Leading to my cancer diagnosis – when I say leading I mean a whole year previous to my cancer treatment, I was:👎Exhausted beyond I had ever been – even when I was breastfeeding my kids, I wasn’t as exhausted👎My hair was falling like crazy and it was very thin👎Iron deficient👎Not present with my family as […]

How much stress do you put yourself under each day?

I am not sure if you have ever really asked this question to yourself but truth is we all accept that living a stressful life is just what we do these days….and it is normal… Reality is we accept this new normal without thinking what it actually means to us day to day…what it means […]

Are you being adaptable?

I grew up with my dad always saying: human beings can adapt to anything, any conditions, any situation. Being an immigrant who arrived in Brazil when he was 5 years old, I guess he had experienced himself the need to adapt to a different country, reality, climate, food etc. As I started my cancer treatment, […]

How can we let go our old ways of living?

I mean let go of our lives before COVID-19, because let’s face it, life won’t be the same, will it? But when I say that, I don’t mean life will be better or worst…life will be different. Maybe people will be more inclined to work from home more often so they don’t have to commute […]

Have you accepted your new normal?

Even though I don’t watch the news and I don’t allow myself to surf on social media for hours but to get myself informed, I have noticed that people are finding challenging to find and accept their new normal.  One thing is to read positive quotes and ideas on how to deal with this challenging […]

How often do you ask for help?

Just after I finished my 12 sessions of chemotherapy, I had one of the hardest weeks since my diagnosis. I didn’t understand why…after all I had survived 12 sessions of chemotherapy right? One of the nurses who had looked after me during my treatment told me on my last day – “Angelica, in 8 years […]

Have you seen any positive news since COVID-19?

You know I haven’t watched the news in years but now that I am on social media (I only joined Facebook and Instagram last year, believe it or not?) is pretty hard to stay away from the coronavirus news and its effect on people, the economy, the whole world really. But I have started seeing […]