Why me?

I think we all go through this, right? We ask ourselves the question ‘why me’ when we are going through a tough time… going through something unexpected…something that we thought we would never have to deal with…. And in my case it was cancer…bowel cancer…Stage 3 When the doctor confirmed it was my cancer diagnosis […]


How well are you taking care of yourself these days?  I could say I have had a full life so far…born and breed in Brazil…I left when I was 21…first one of a huge extended family to leave without a plan…  Unless you can call having a Spanish passport and €1000 a plan? 🤦🏼‍♀️  Looking […]

Is it ok to cry?

After a cancer diagnosis, it is hard not to cry…if you are a strong person you might not cry straight after you get told you have cancer but when the reality sinks in….the tears are going to come. When I was told I had cancer, it was after my bowel surgery so I was groggy…coming […]

Self care during cancer treatment? Are you serious?

I have spent an amazing week listening to a “Global Cancer Symposium” this week organised by Nathan Crane. You can still get access to it if you look it up, I think… There were 4-5 speakers daily talking about all things related to cancer, cancer treatment, conventional and integrative medicine, diet, mental healing and the […]

The power of meditation

I started meditating just after I started my chemo treatment. I thought meditating was another trend, another hype that the rich and famous talked about and the rest followed through but I was desperately trying to find ways to help my body and mind to heal. I needed something to help my mind to calm […]