Your triggers are the mirror of what happens inside you

We get triggered about things and people where and when we are not free.

Most people see the triggers are something that lives outside of them

“Why did she say this?”

“Why did he behave like that?”

It is so much easier to do that rather than recognizing what it is going on inside you

“When she said that, I realised it made me feel inadequate because I don’t have what she has”

“When he told me this, it made me feel small because I never felt I was enough”

Social media is the perfect place for that.

People get super courageous behind a keyboard when they get triggered

They openly share their thoughts in a disrespectful way towards other people

All because they get triggered.

Getting triggered is an opportunity for you to see where you are NOT free

Getting triggered is an opportunity for you to being vulnerable with parts of you that you have never allowed yourself to be.

The journey of change and growth is not linear

You don’t change by blaming and complaining about things outside of you.

You only change when you accept full responsibility of everything you do.

When you don’t deal with your inner demons,

it starts affecting every area of your life.

If you never allowed your feelings of anger, saddness, jeaulousy to come through

You might easily loose your s*** at work or with your kids etc.

If you don’t deal with your saddness

Anything might send you to a sad spiral

If you don’t deal with your jeaulousy

Your jeaulousy might make you physically uncomfortable (stomach will be churning or 

you might get acid reflux.

Whatever you do to suppress in your emotion life

It will manifest in your physical life because it doens’t have anywhere to go.

This is why dealing with your emotions is super key 

when it comes to achieving health and balance.

PS: I am looking to work with 3 people in the next 3 months that are ready to transform their lives physically, mentally and emotionally by changing their habist.

This is an intensive 1-2-1 program where I will be guiding you by the hand through the changes so you can achieve your goals (they are your goals not mine – we decide which ones they are and we work through them one by one)

We are what we do

We are what we eat

We are what we think

If your life is not where you want it to be

changing what you do daily is

the only way to change it.

Angelica Alen health and life coach
Stage 3 Bowel Cancer Survivor and Thriver – Health and Life coach

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