I am 42 years old

I am hanging on to the fact that I am still better at swimming than my 10 years old😂

Last time we raced I won by one arm’s stroke

In my mind I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to win but

I thought to myself I can’t afford to do anything else other than stay in my lane

And swim as fast as I can💪🏼

(Yes I am pretty competitive and this is probably not the best “parenting” post)😆

His dad told him

Don’t look at where your mum is at, just focus on your lane.

But Antony couldn’t help himself and he looked at where I was at under the water

And because of that

I won🙌🏼

I see this happening in the real world…

It is so easy to get distracted by what other people are doing

What you “should” do

What you “have” to do

What you “must” do

Instead of focusing on what we want to do

What it is aligned with us

What it is true to ourselves

In that race, it is easy to get disconnected to ourselves

to our true purpose and mission

When I look back at my journey to rebuild my life after cancer

Not only physically

But emotionally and


I kept focusing on my lane

When I got distracted, I refocus on what it was the right thing for me

When people told me what I should do

I reflected on it and made my own decisions

When people gave me advice from a place of not being qualified to do so

I politely declined it

And I still do this every single day

In my business

I promised myself that I was going to live the life I wanted to live now

I wasn’t going to lie to myself anymore

I was going to appreciate the gift of life daily

I wasn’t going to abuse my body

I wasn’t going to allow my negative thoughts rule me anymore

I was going to help people achieve healing and create the life they wanted

as this is my mission and purpose

I started reading this book this week

and it was a reminder of my promises

normally I don’t cry in books

But for the first time I had tears in my eyes

Lessons from the dying are powerful

The first one is

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself. Not the life others expected of me.”

Stop living the life others expected from you

Stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to happen

Stop waiting for someone to save you

Have the courage to change

Have the courage to create

The Life You Want Now

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