You always failed at New Years resolution? This is why

43% of all people expect to fail before the end of February🙀

1 out 4 quit within the first week of setting New Years resolution 😫

Most people quit before the end of January😥


Because of people’s beliefs

People believe

👉🏽They can’t follow through with anything

👉🏽They are procrastinators

👉🏽They are lazy

Truth is – New Years resolution is an attempt to change your habits so you can achieve what you want

Without any pre-planning, just a decision based on a date change.

You expect with the date change, you will change.🙄

Changing your habits is challenging because of your deep root patterns which is at the core of who we are

I have worked with so many clients who are successful at work but their health and personal life are not in a good place

Things are messed up &

It is not because they are lazy


Or can’t follow through anything

because clearly at their work life they can

As I helped them to understand their deep root habits that lead them to poor health and a messed up personal life

They started changing their habits for real

Things started to stick

Tomorrow I will speak about how you can identify your deep root habits on my newsletter so you don’t fall into the failed statistics of New Years resolution

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