Yoga is a science not just an exercise…

What is your go-to exercise?🤔

Since cancer, I have practiced on and off

walking, biking inside and out, running, weights, cardio…

But I always go back to my yoga practice🧘🏽‍♀️

I started practicing yoga during chemotherapy

I hadn’t practiced before

I wasn’t flexible

I was not even fit…

I was sick…very sick…😔

Slowly I started gaining strength 

Even though my body was getting hammered with chemotherapy every 2 weeks 

Each day I would show up on the matt with everything I had

And sometimes I had nothing

Yoga has made me aware of my body

It has made me connect to my body

It has helped me to breath…

Yes breath…

Not shallow breath but breath properly…


Yoga has helped me to build a stronger body than I ever had even during chemotherapy

In the last 6 weeks I had to change my morning routine 

As my husband still can’t take Oscar for a full hour walk

So I haven’t had time to dedicate to my yoga practice

Today it was the first time I did in 6 weeks

And boy it feels good…

My body thanked me

I am happy…really happy😊

Find what works for you when it comes to exercise…

You don’t need to do what others do

But what makes you happy and what you enjoy❤️

Stage 3 Bowel cancer survivor and yoga
Yoga is medicine

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