You’ll Never Get The Monday Blues After You Read

That sick feeling on Monday Morning🤢

You wake up exhausted

Still hangover

You need to get ready

to pull yourself together through another week

Whilst telling yourself

“How can I do “this” for another week?”

“This” meaning

👉🏽the physical exhaustion

👉🏽the emotional stress

👉🏽the professional unhappiness

👉🏽the suppression and avoidance of ALL of it

You think to yourself

“I know I need to change

But how can I?

I have so much to do as it is

I can’t even think about all of it”

Once more you suppress it all

And you keep going…

Dragging your body

Fighting with that inner discomfort

That crazy voice in your head that doesn’t shut up😬

That crazy inner voice that is nasty as hell😫

That was me 👆🏽

For years this is how I felt

This is how I lived

Until my body couldn’t take anymore

The abuse – physical and emotional

I am here to tell you


If you wanna know how

Let’s chat

Book a call 👇🏽

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