Why We Don’t Follow Through on Things

“I was able to follow through with the plan instead of giving up like I used to in the past”

When my client told me this

After having a life long battle with

yo yo diets and programs to sort her health out

After going to different specialists to

trying to solve all her health issues

I felt proud of how much responsibility she had taken in our time together

In the 3 months we worked together

There had been a lot of things happening in her world that could have prevented her from following through with the plan

(Holding a high profile job in corporate, teenager children, extended family dynamics etc)

But the steps she took were so small that she not only realised she could do it

But she also had no excuse of not doing it

When you empower yourself and take full responsibility of your health

By doing things

Not taking things or going somewhere for somebody else to solve your problems for you

You realise that you are extremely powerful

You realise you don’t have to play the victim anymore (even unconsciously)

You realise you actually can do things that you told yourself you couldn’t

You realise you are no longer dependent on anything outside of you

You realise you don’t have to settle anymore

You realise you can count on you

And that is freedom and powerful!

Ps: if you want to take control of your health and life by counting on you and changing your habits, let’s connect👇🏽

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