I read everywhere we are disconnected from nature…we are living more isolated lives than ever.

We are disconnected to ourselves in the constant business of life.

I actually felt the disconnect from myself, when I was told I had cancer.

How could I have walked away from myself so much that I didn’t notice the cancer growing inside me? How could I not have done something about it before it got so bad?

When I first sat with myself in silence, I felt the pain I put my body through….I felt the abuse, the neglect over the years.

I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol but I have done a fair bit of binge drinking so I can say I drank a lot in my life, I probably ate too much processed food too and if you ask me, I took my health for granted. I thought I was invincible!

I have never had any serious health problems except some mild asthma and respiratory allergies when I was little but it is fair to say I didn’t really think too much about what I was putting inside my body, my health wasn’t really a priority for me.

And when it comes to looking after my mind, I never did any meditation or sat quietly with myself and the concept of just chilling has always been really difficult for me.

Then all of sudden, I realised that I wasn’t treating my body with the respect that it deserves…I never thought to listen to it and I thought my body could just take it (alcohol, bad food, lack of exercise etc) until it just didn’t.

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself or if you don’t even know what this means…I can try to explain to you what I feel know….

I feel I treat myself as a friend, as someone who I love and care, I feel I want to spend time with myself. I feel I want to look after myself, my body and mind. I am happy when I meditate, when I do my yoga practice or when I prepare a yummy salad or dinner that is full of goodness that I know will nourish my body.

Does this explain what being connected to oneself means?

I hope it does…and if you are not feeling connected to yourself…just remember it is never to late to do something about it.

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