When life takes something away from you, you finally value it

“What did you do to celebrate the end of your chemotherapy treatment?”

On my latest podcast feature, when Tim Soh asked me that

I stopped for a moment and thought 🤔

“What did I do?”

I had a PICC line luckily so 2 weeks after chemo,

they took the line and it was a super easy process

2 days later

I could do what I hadn’t been able to do for 7.5 months during chemo

I went for a swim🏊🏼‍♀️

I dived under and stayed under for as long as I could

The feeling of being under the water

The freedom of being under the water

The lightness of being under the water

I had missed that so much

Sometimes it takes life to take something away from you as simple as that

For you to value how simple life can be

How little you need to be happy

How present you can be

How filled with love you can feel ❤️

PS: after walking Oscar today, I went swimming on my own and reminded me of that moment 🤩

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