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What will your health be like in 10 years time?

This is a question that we normally don’t ask ourselves because our health is not often a priority for us (I know we say it is but truth is, is it really?)…

We first put our efforts on our kids, then on our jobs, then on our appearance, then on our friends and the list goes on…

But when it comes to our health, it all becomes too hard…too difficult…so we often choose to drag our tired bodies to the threadmill we are running on a daily basis.

When I tell people I don’t eat sugar, don’t drink alcohol, processed food, eat little dairy and no meat…they look at me with eyes wide open as if I am completely over the top…then I tell them I exercise daily and try to meditate as often as I can too…that is when they ask me:

“Do you have a life?”

“Do you ever feel you need to be a little less rigid?”

My honest answer is NO…

I worked hard on creating healthy habits in the last year…

I am now more connected to my body than I have ever been.

I have now had more moments of truly happiness than I have ever had…

I feel good, very good and pretty healthy physically and mentally.

But if it wasn’t for cancer, I wouldn’t be here today.

I would have carried on running on that same threadmill…I would have treated my health as a given…as something that I took for granted.

Therefore I am truly grateful for my cancer diagnosis…

What we are doing to our bodies now, it will be what we see and experience in our future.

I am not sure why it is so hard for us to see this as a priority in the same way as we see saving up for our retirement…in the same way as we treat a “future promotion” in our jobs or having more “material things” (as if we haven’t got enough already)…

Because reality is if we saw it as a priority, we would all treat it as a priority and we would take time each day to look after our health…we would be selective of what we put inside our bodies, we would be selective what we let in in our minds too.

If this resonates with you, don’t let the pressures of day to day life get in the way of your willingness to work on your health, to treat your health as a priority.

Treat it as that “promotion” you are working towards, treat it as your next “material purchase” that you are saving up for… work on it, little by little, make conscious decisions that will add to your health…make the time for it.

Treat it with the same care and importance as everything else in your life that you are working towards and have worked for.

Our health is not a given, our health needs our care, love and attention like everything else in our life.

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