What does BEING FREE mean to you?

I was too scared to go travelling…

I had left my home country on my own to go to Europe…

But this wasn’t travelling…

I wanted to create a new life for me…

So I had to work

Because I didn’t have much money either

In my mind, I had a vision to create a different life for me

In another country so working was part of it

But when I met my husband who was from England

He had a different idea of life

He had worked hard, bought houses and gone travelling…

He didn’t want to stay in England and do “normal” life

He wanted to go travelling with me

And experience the same freedom as he once did on his own

but this time with me

I simply didn’t get it…

What do you mean go travelling?🙄

Do you mean you don’t work for a whole year?🤔

I was 29 years old at the time and

although I had done something incredibly brave

to leave my culture

I still had the same believes with me

You need to work hard,
buy a house and
at some point have a family
(I wasn’t so sure about the latter)

So I told him I would go travelling if we bough a house first

So we had somewhere to go back to in case we needed

We bought the house

Renovated the house ourselves for 17 months whilst working full time

and as soon as the house was ready

We rented the house

and bought a one way ticket to Mexico

with the vision to travel the whole Central and South America

I experienced for the first time in my life what was like to be free

✨Free of any responsibility
✨Free to do what I wanted
✨To be who wanted
Just plain and simple freedom

I remember noticing how simple life could be

All we had to worry about was

what will we eat today,
where we’re going to sleep and
where we’re going tomorrow

Through 10 months we travelled through Central and South America

We went to beaches, mountains, desserts, volcanoes

You name it

To say this was one of the best experiences in my life is an understatement

We did some incredible things
We went to beautiful places
We experienced so much

The more I go within

The more I realise that freedom has always been one of my core values

by nature

The feeling is comfortable
It is warm and fuzzy almost
It is palpable

Deciding to go travelling was one of the first decisions I made

to doing something for me only

for joy and happiness alone

no end goal, no expectations, no plans, nada,

just me and freedom🤸🏽

What have you done in the past that made you feel free?

PS: This is me in the salt flats of Bolivia in 2009

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