Broken your New Year’s resolution? Get back on track

“I will put myself first”😳

“I will start exercising”😕

“I will loose the weight”😫

“I will stop all the mindless scrolling and will take action”😔

“I will put myself out in the social media to chase my dreams and fulfil my purpose”🫣

“I will sort out that “broken” relationship”😬

“I will resolve that unresolved thing that has been bothered me for years”🙄

These are some of the New Years resolution you have set for yourself on the 1st Jan

But 3 weeks on, life has caught up with you…

You are again

Too busy

Too stressed

Too caught up with life

To even think about any of these things

You haven’t even had the time to think about them

And you are now on repeat from last year

If that is where you are at, join me live tomorrow

How You Can Get Your New Year’s Resolution Back on Track

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