I asked myself this question many times during cancer treatment.

I didn’t realise that holding on to my past wounds was making me sick

But when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer I realised that the worst disease I had was self deceit

I had been telling myself stories I wanted to believe in so I could blame others and not take any responsibility

So I could justify my pain

I had been holding on to my past living like a victim on the inside despite looking strong on the outside

It felt heavy…



And with the diagnosis I knew I was on express train to self destruction if I didn’t change

Changing my physical habits wasn’t going to be enough

My heart was sick

My mind was a mess

I was a slave to it

A slave of the stories I kept telling myself over and over again for years

I had a lot of work to do emotionally

So I kept asking myself

Do you want to forgive or die?

Harsh question but truth

I could no longer ran away from my reality

I was sick…very sick

I needed to make a decision

To be right, not forgive and be sick


To let go, to be free and be healthy

I chose the latter

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Someone or yourself

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Holding on to anger took all my energy away to the point that made me sick

When you don’t forgive, you are the only one living in a prison

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This is not a job anyone else can do for you

Only you can


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