This is my why…

I believe anyone can overcome anything if they truly believe in it, if they truly want it.
If you focus to change something that is causing you pain and suffering whether it is physical or mental, you can change things. But it all comes down to each individual…
It comes down to discipline…determination and I must say some hard work too.
As our lives become busier and our minds get bombarded with information, social media pressures, technology, material stuff that we don’t need…and the list goes on…we are becoming more and more disconnected to ourselves, to nature, to God (or any spirituality of any kind).
And on that journey, we are forgetting about the only thing that really matters: our physical and mental health, the connection to our inner self and anything beyond that. We are putting everything first but ourselves and we are getting sicker and unhappier.
My mission is now to empower people to walk back to themselves, to make the connection to themselves again, to rebuild a healthy and happy life inside out.
I am not a doctor, or a health practitioner of any kind but I am a survivor, thriver, doer and someone who never gave up on my body, on rebuilding a new body , mind and life.
I read many books, I listened to podcast, youtube videos, I bought courses. I didn’t stop researching and learning (and still do).
I didn’t just settle for surviving during chemotherapy, I got stronger in each session. I felt my body was healing. I worked at it, every day, day in and day out.
I am not saying I didn’t have any bad days because I did but most importantly I didn’t sit still.
I took this opportunity to work on the things that didn’t serve my body and mind anymore.
I focused on my why’s, I wanted to live for myself, for my kids, for the person who I wanted to be, for the things I wanted to live for and feel.
There wasn’t anything that deviated me from my
purpose. I stuck with it.
So if I can do it, I believe you can do it too and my mission is to help you to get there.
Don’t wait any longer! If you are still reading, it is because you feel you need to change something…
You need to look after your health…take the next step to create a healing, a healthy life. It is possible and it doesn’t need to be hard.
This is your life and this is real!
You only get one shot at this….don’t waste it!