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After I had my second child, I went back to work and felt deeply unhappy

I was too ashamed to admit how unhappy I was

But I had done everything I knew it was expected of me

I had got married and I had 2 kids

A boy and a girl – the perfect pair

I also worked for a reputable company and had a job that provided me with a great lifestyle.

I used to ask myself quietly 

Is this it?

Is this what life is about?

I was going through a mid life crisis in my early 30s.

But I didn’t know it was a mid life crisis.😩

I thought it was another thing I had to suppress inside me

Or try to ignore instead of dealing with it.🥺

One day I thought to myself

“I understand now why people leave everything and disappear.”😳

I didn’t think about killing myself

But I thought for a second I could just walk out without any explanation.😥

Years of suppressing my feelings, my traumas, my emotions

Had culminated to a deep unhappy feeling 

I didn’t walk out

I kept pushing through until cancer

When I started my business I realised that many people live in that place

Unhappy but not understanding why

Unfulfilled even though they have everything

Busy all the time so they can keep running away from their truth

Numbing themselves with food, alcohol or drugs to try to forget what it is going on inside themselves

They don’t know how to deal with it

They know deep down they need to change

But they don’t know how

So they keep pushing through

Just like I did

Do you find yourself yearning for a positive change in your life, yet unsure of where to start?

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, unhealthy, frustrated, and unfulfilled?

If you missed my email yesterday, you have missed some BIG NEWS

I am starting a MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM which will be totally awesome.

My Membership Program will be a transformative community designed specifically for people

who are seeking to create lasting health, happiness, and fulfillment in your lives.

I believe true transformation begins with education: 

knowing the what and the how to do it. 

My carefully crafted program will offer you the knowledge and guidance you need to navigate the obstacles that have been holding you back.

I will address the root cause of your physical, mental and emotional discomfort and 

provide you practical solutions to improve your overall well-being and guide you towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Imagine breaking free from the cycle of frustration and disappointment.

Picture yourself having boundless energy

Vibrant energy

Renewed sense of purpose

Imagine having a loving relationship with yourself

This community will empower you with the tools and support necessary to achieve your goals and 

make the most out of this precious experience called life.

Email to get on the waiting list now

you can take control of your future and 

avoid repeating the same patterns that left you feeling unfulfilled last year.

Don’t let another year slip away without experiencing the relief and confidence that comes from transforming your life for the better.

Here is what you can expect as a founding member:

👉🏽FREE Access to my course CRUSH YOUR HABITS – CRUSH YOUR GOALS (valued at $147USD) automatically so you can get started straight away changing your life.

👉🏽Live webinars with me weekly and Q&A sessions where you can ask your most pressing questions as life challenges you as you go

👉🏽Engaging and supportive community (private group) where you can connect with like-minded people to share experience and receive invaluable support.

👉🏽Regular challenges and actionable steps to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals

👉🏽Personalised guidance from me who is committed to your success.

Now it is time to take action and invest in yourself.

Sign up for this life changing opportunity today and 

embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Don’t let another year pass by without realising your true potential.

Sign up now and let’s get started


How is it going to work?

I will be going live WEEKLY for 1 hour on ZOOM

What if I miss a live call?

The Zoom call will be recorded and posted on the private group.

What if I want to cancel the membership?

I would say this process will work best if you commit to at least 6 months as changes take time and we will be doing in a group setting.

But if you want to cancel it, you can cancel it at any time (cancellation will be done from the date you decide to cancel not retroactive)

You will get a link to access a customer portal that you can cancel the subscription from (effective date from cancellation date not retroactive)

See you on the other side!

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