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How I found my “why”?

I come from a culture where you just get on with things…you kinda of have to.

The government is not there to help you, corruption is the norm and money talks so people just need to get on with it.

This is what I remember about Brazil…I left 18 years ago…

In my case I can’t complain about my childhood….

I grew up in upper middle class…but as a result of that my path was already carved for me before I was born.

As a female you were bound to follow the “unread” rules of a chauvinist society where girls were expected to behave in one way and boys could do whatever they wanted….

By behaving according to society expectations, as a girl you would hopefully find yourself a ‘man’ who was from a ‘good’ family meaning same social economic level as you or better.

And after finishing school, you were expected to go to university, get married and have kids.

Part of me feels that I decided early on unconsciously that nobody was going to carve my path for me.

So I was indeed the ‘black’ sheep of the family…the first one from a large extended family who left Brazil without a plan at 21 years old.

All I had was a Spanish passport, €1000 and a strong desire and naivety that I was going to prove to everyone, one could do something else other than what was expected of them.

I lived one year in Spain, 3 years in Belgium, 4 years in England, went travelling for 1 year through Central and South Amercia, lived 6 years in New Zealand and have been in Australia for 3 years.

I never went back to Brazil ( a couple of times on holidays)…I have never asked helped from anyone.

And yes I am super proud of this as I worked very hard for it.

But it wasn’t until recently that I did an exercise with Dean Graziosi that shocked me.

The exercise is called the “Seven Levels Deep Exercise”.

You ask “why” questions 7 times, moving progressively deeper into answers.

Why do I wanna gain capabilities? Why do I want more success? Why do I wanna achieve more? Why do you want financial freedom?

For example in my case I started by asking myself:

“Why do you want to be successful in life?”

My answer was “Because I want to prove myself”

Then I asked again

“Why do you want to prove yourself?”

to which I answered…”because I want people to think I am capable, honest, independent”….

then you keep going asking ‘why’ questions for 7 times.

By question level 3, something came out of my mouth that I had never said before…I said:

“I never thought I belonged anywhere”

That hit me and my husband who was next to me, like a brick wall…

when I said it, I realized that I had never felt I belonged in Brazil either, in my own country.

Previous to that I thought I didn’t feel a sense of belonging because I lived in different countries, I was a foreigner after all but truth was I never felt I belonged to where I came from either.

And my last answer shocked me even more…

I simply said…

All I wanted was to feel safe…it wasn’t money, power, a nice house, a nice car…it was simply because I wanted to feel safe.

As I write this, I actually feel deep inside that my answers are a reflection of my life, what I have worked for, what I have always craved for…a sense of belonging, feeling accepted and safe wherever I am.

It sounds crazy that such a simple exercise can have such an impact on people’s lives.

Most people really don’t know their ‘why’. They might know on the surface level. But when you go from a surface level, from thoughts on why you wanna be successful or why you wanna something, to anchoring it in your heart with feelings and emotions, things start changing.

There may not be a more powerful motivating factor on the planet than knowing your true “why”.

When you know; in your soul, why you get up every morning and fight for your dreams, you’ll never let anything get in your way of becoming the person you are meant to be.

If that is where you are right now…you are not sure about your ‘why’, you are looking for purpose and meaning in your life, I would strongly recommend you to check out Tony and Dean’s training that started changing my life:

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The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.

When I was ready to get back to work after my cancer treatment, I was lucky enough to be able to work part-time hours from home.

My employer was incredibly supportive and I will be forever grateful for it.

I don’t think anything can prepare you for what is like to go back to “normal life” after a cancer diagnosis.

You, your life, your body at times, your world and your reality have changed but nothing else around you have.

You as a person have gone through a life changing event but when you get back to “normal” life everybody’s life is still the same.

As I slowly got used to my new normal again, getting back to my previous role was part of my healing.

I felt I was getting back to my old self and that came with lots of positive things: being able to actually function in a professional environment again, having a brain remembering things and functioning properly (chemo brain is a real thing and I never thought I was going to be able to remember and retain things again)

but it left me thinking….what now? Is this really me? Does this really fit with what I want for my new life? Can I get back to where I left of before cancer?

People can suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) after a cancer diagnosis and it is only fair to say you stop to reevaluate your whole life after going through something so intense.

Deep down I found really hard to let go the old version of myself, I felt guilty that my employer had been so good to me…

But I also knew that recruitment is a stressful gig, people expect you to be on 24/7 as you are dealing with a pretty important part of their lives, their job, their money…

To be honest I was scared to get back into it…what if I get too stressed again and the cancer comes back? What if I stop looking after myself because I am constantly working and the cancer comes back?

After trying for a while I just couldn’t…. There was a little voice inside me sending me to a different direction… in search for something more….I felt deep down I needed to do something more meaningful.

But how do you leave a job without knowing what to do after going through a major health crisis?

In addition to that, I had also worked on a pretty strict health plan for myself that I followed and still do since cancer: I exercise daily, I meditate, I eat healthily (everything is home made) and I go to bed early.

And all of that takes time and effort…any additional stress or change wasn’t ideal just after what I had just gone through.

So in search for answers and a more meaningful life, I started listening to lots of successful people who talked about mindset, personal growth, people who broke barriers, who didn’t listen to the naysers and used resourcefulness to reach that next level of life…

They were influencers, motivation speakers, people who were living their lives in their own terms.

I then came across Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi….

if you don’t know Tony Robbins – he is a life coach, author and philanthropist. He has helped millions of people to achieve a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life.

Dean Graziosi is an extremely successful entrepreneur who came from very humble beginnings.

I felt I had found 2 people who were real despite their success and power. Their message spoke to my heart and instantly resonated with me….

So I started binge listening to them…every day, whenever I could…

My mindset started changing slowly, my beliefs about who I was and what I could do started changing and slowly I started creating new thought patterns, new habits…

Slowly I started building up on my quite confidence, on my courage to think about a different life, the possibility of a life on my terms…

As with my diet changes, exercise and meditation, I kept at it, listening to more of Tony and Dean each day as part of my health plan too….this time was about my personal growth and professional life…

And this is how I came across my deep desire to help people regain control of their own health after going through something so traumatic like cancer, it became so strong inside me that I felt I couldn’t just leave it.

I picked myself up from a pretty deep hole and I invested so much on my physical and mental health that I was able to create a new body, mind and life for myself.

If I did it, anyone could do it too.

Throughout my recruitment career, I met with so many people that were unhappy about their professional life.

They were either too stressed or spending 40 hours per week doing what they did not enjoy doing and that is not what we are in this life for.

I have experienced life is too short…but life is a wonder and for those of us who dare to go a little deeper, there is so much to unravel, so much more…

So if you are feeling you are not living a life on your terms, or if you spend the majority of your time doing what DOES NOT bring you joy and happiness…I would encourage you to listen to that same video I did about one year ago. If anything, you will come out with something or 2, 3 things that are valuable…really valuable to your life.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below:

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This training and the buying into the KBB course enabled me to start steering my ship at the right direction, it showed me how to bring more passion, more purpose and more success into my life!

And I know that this could show you how to bring more passion, more purpose and more success into your life!

This is not only about my professional life, this is about my personal and spiritual life too.

You see as a recruiter I have always thrived on helping people to be happier at their jobs, on helping them with their problems at work, on finding them the job of their dreams and finding my clients their dream team member.

That was what success look like for me at work…

Now I feel my purpose is a little bigger…it is helping people to reshape their whole lives, not only their lives at work but their personal lives too…

We get bombarded with promises of a perfect life daily on social media… where you will earn millions overnight and never get old if you wear the newest face cream in the market…but we all know deep down life doesn’t quite work like that.

I hope for you…you take the time to watch this video….to take the time to invest on yourself…and on the potential of living a life on your terms.

Don’t miss this opportunity….this has literally transform my life.