I went through every piece in my life and picked it a part…

After my cancer diagnosis at 38 years old, I knew I needed to act quickly…I needed to change every aspect of my life if I wanted to live a long life. Turning up to chemotherapy wasn’t going to cut the mustard…I needed to do a lot more than that… Cancer recurrence is real…and after you […]

Emotional healing – Part 3

As ashamed as I am to confess this, it is fair to say if cancer hadn’t hit me I would still be living a life where I would be mostly running away from myself. Isn’t that crazy?  I know now it is crazy….but it took me to reach rock bottom…with my health…I almost lost my […]

How I found my “why”?

I come from a culture where you just get on with things…you kinda of have to. The government is not there to help you, corruption is the norm and money talks so people just need to get on with it. This is what I remember about Brazil…I left 18 years ago… In my case I […]