Have you seen any positive news since COVID-19?

You know I haven’t watched the news in years but now that I am on social media (I only joined Facebook and Instagram last year, believe it or not?) is pretty hard to stay away from the coronavirus news and its effect on people, the economy, the whole world really. But I have started seeing […]


How well are you taking care of yourself these days?  I could say I have had a full life so far…born and breed in Brazil…I left when I was 21…first one of a huge extended family to leave without a plan…  Unless you can call having a Spanish passport and €1000 a plan? 🤦🏼‍♀️  Looking […]

How I found my “why”?

I come from a culture where you just get on with things…you kinda of have to. The government is not there to help you, corruption is the norm and money talks so people just need to get on with it. This is what I remember about Brazil…I left 18 years ago… In my case I […]