How well are you taking care of yourself these days?  I could say I have had a full life so far…born and breed in Brazil…I left when I was 21…first one of a huge extended family to leave without a plan…  Unless you can call having a Spanish passport and €1000 a plan? 🤦🏼‍♀️  Looking […]

Why I stopped eating sugar?

During my bowel cancer journey, I came across the paradigm of sugar. What it stuck to my mind wasn’t that cancer cells feed of sugar, it was that sugar weakens the immune system. Sugar causes inflammation and cancer starts as inflammation in our bodies. If you have read anything about cancer, you might know that […]

Self care during cancer treatment? Are you serious?

I have spent an amazing week listening to a “Global Cancer Symposium” this week organised by Nathan Crane. You can still get access to it if you look it up, I think… There were 4-5 speakers daily talking about all things related to cancer, cancer treatment, conventional and integrative medicine, diet, mental healing and the […]

Have you thought about emotional healing?

I spent this week listening to a “Global Cancer Symposium” online organised by Nathan Crane. Still not sure how I came across him and or the Symposium but it has been amazing. There were 4 or 5 speakers daily for about 7 days and I think now you can buy the access if you like […]

The power of meditation

I started meditating just after I started my chemo treatment. I thought meditating was another trend, another hype that the rich and famous talked about and the rest followed through but I was desperately trying to find ways to help my body and mind to heal. I needed something to help my mind to calm […]

Have you thought about how you would like your health to be in 10,20,30 years time?

After my bowel cancer diagnosis, I started reevaluating my whole life and the way I treated my body became definitely my focus. I am ashamed to say I hadn’t been looking after my body, mind and myself as a whole for years. I didn’t even know what selflove was, I truly didn’t…but when the certainty […]