Stop settling for a life you are not happy with

After surfing with my son

Yesterday we finished our work day with a surf session at the beach 🏄🏻‍♂️

My son was trying his surf flippers to paddle out to sea but the sea was pulling him to the opposite direction

So I went out to help him as he couldn’t walk with his flippers😂

I was pushing him back out to sea so he could get to a the perfect spot to catch a wave

We finally got him out 🙌🏼

And he caught the most perfect wave ever for the longest time🔥🏄🏻‍♂️

We met at the shallow again and I asked him

“Do you want me to help you to get back out again?”

He said

“It was hard but yes I want to do it again”🤩

It made me stop and think of all of the things that I did that were uncomfortable in my life

So I could “catch that wave”

👉🏼leaving my own country

👉🏼learning different languages

👉🏼starting my life over in 5 different countries

👉🏼Finishing 12 sessions of chemo feeling stronger than I started even though I felt sick as a dog 24/7

👉🏼leaving my corporate job to start my business

👉🏼starting an online presence 2.5 years ago when I hadn’t been on any social media platform

👉🏼showing up like the real “me” and being vulnerable to help others to take ownership of their health and life

I did so many uncomfortable things

because I couldn’t bare

💥Standing uncomfortable and unhappy

💥Settling for what I wasn’t happy with

💥Settling for what other people told me I needed to be happy with

💥Staying stuck

💥Not being true to myself

If you want the freedom and excitement of “catching that wave” aka living a full life

You have to be prepared to do uncomfortable things🔥

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