Stop sacrificing your health for money

Sacrificing health for money is a poor trade

But I see people doing it every single day of the week

It is sad but the real reality of the society we live in

People don’t value their health until they loose it

Sometimes it is a burnout that wake them up

Or a diagnosis of some sort just like mine

Until then, people keep pushing themselves

Seeking for a sense of self worth that they never found anywhere

Happiness they never felt

Validation from external things and people

Because deep inside they feel nothing

They are numb😕

Yeap I have been there too

Whilst society sells the dream of

When you get “there” you will get all of those things

I have spoken to many people this week that are plain


They have been pushing themselves to the limit

And they are now left with a carcass of a body

Living EXHAUSTED sucks

(I know exactly what it feels like)

Learning how to put our health first is a lot more than just

Changing a diet




It is learning how to value yourself as you are NOW


or waiting for whatever you need to get to value yourself

It is learning how to connect to your body and respect it

Instead of treating like a piece of s***

Most people don’t value their health

It takes you to stop following the societal trends as sheep

And say NO MORE

It takes you saying to yourself

I want to live


Filled with energy instead of dragging myself each day

And from that place I knowing you are stronger

To conquer whatever you want to.

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