STOP hanging around with NEGATIVE PEOPLE – they keep dragging your energy down

“The economy in the world is all bugged”

The guy started chatting with me and regardless of what I said

He answered with a “negative view” on the subject

He told me the city we were staying was boring

And asked

“What are you doing here?”

When I told him I was travelling with my family around Australia…

He then proceeded to say

“This city is full of crime”

So I said

“I kinda of like what I have seen and we have been lucky that we haven’t experienced any crime”

As I observed his energy and his words I realised that once upon a time I lived in that place

👉🏽the world is a bad place

👉🏽everything is s***

👉🏽there is more negativity than positivity in life

These days I am very selective of the people who I speak to randomly for that reason

I gathered my kids from the pool and cut the conversation short

I don’t feed into negativity anymore

Or allow the negativity of the world to get to me

Being positive is a habit

That you need to practice every single day

There are more positive than negativity in the world

Stay conscious about what you focus on

Set your boundaries to protect your energy

Hope you have a fabulous week filled with positive vibes and energy

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