Stop Feeling Like A Victim

A lot of people walk around feeling like a victim of their circumstances without knowing.

I started noticing that when I realise that although I was a strong person on the outside

On the inside I felt like a victim

But it took me cancer to realise that I had been justifying my harmful habits and unhappy life with what the “poor me” had gone through

(like many others I noticed too)

I was listening to Dr.Bruce Lipton today and he was talking about how people get sick to get love

How some people don’t want to heal because they associate their sickness to getting love

I don’t have to go too far to confirm this because I was that person

I talk in detail throughout my book how I created cancer in my body as

secretively I felt alone on the inside

(I talk about the physical aspect of it but I emphasise the mental and emotional causes of the cancer diagnosis as without that understanding I couldn’t have healed myself)

I wanted to feel loved so my sickness was manifested as an attempt to save myself

from my own suffering.

I have read countless books that talk about the cancer personality.

I have seen this in people whom I have worked with, and people whom I have interviewed too.

That underlining desire to be seen after spending their whole lives giving to other people.

Some people are aware of it and in their healing journey 

They recognise where the problem is

But some are completely unaware because the pull from their ego self is so strong 

They can only see what their ego want them to see.

By the way this has to do with every aspect of our lives

Not only health.

Have you noticed how some people only attract romantic relationships that are harmful to them?

Sometimes even their work or friends’ relationships are harmful to them.

This victim mentality affects out happiness too.

I heard Jordan Peterson talking about depression and explaining that there is also a gain on being depressed

because that person doesn’t have to take responsibility of their lives either.

Most people will get offended if they hear that because they truly believe they can’t do anything about it


You feel like there is nothing you can do about your situation when there is ALWAYS something you can do about your situation.

I encourage you today to challenge yourself by asking yourself 

what is the one area of my life that I am playing the victim?

Just by bringing awareness you can actually start moving forward into differentdirection.

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