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I wish someone had taught me what self love was….I wish someone had taught me how important self care was…I wish someone had taught me how important to look after my body was…I wish someone had told me it was ok to take time out for myself after having babies…I wish someone had taught me how to listen to my body…I wish I had never life thinking I was invincible…that nothing was going to happen to me…Until it did…I had Stage 3 Bowel Cancer facing my own mortality at 38 years old made me re-evaluate life. It made me focus on different things: gratitude, selflove, healing my traumas, my wounds, living the present moment…It made me look after my body as a temple. It made me live each day as they came with joy, acceptance and happiness. It made me change my whole life because I have so much more to live for. I have a purpose to live for…My purpose is to empower YOU to STOP and RE-EVALUATE YOUR LIFE…before any life changing event happens…before a crash…a burn out….before you need it….My purpose is to empower YOU to make TINY SHIFTS in your life that will compound into MASSIVE IMPACT. You don’t have to wake up exhausted every day…You don’t have to hold on to your past hurts, to resentment, to anger…You don’t have to keep on jumping on a treadmill each morning that is running so fast, you can barely notice what is happening around you, the people around you….You don’t have to be on automatic pilot – keeping yourself unhappy to make others happy…There is so much YOU CAN DO…for your physical and mental body…There is so much YOU CAN DO to change your emotional state…There is so much YOU CAN DO to start living life ON YOUR TERMS NOW…Not tomorrow, not when you get a promotion, or when you get a new house or when you find someone to be with….I have learned in the hard way that all we have is NOW…all we can focus on is what we can change NOW and during this awakening process….We can make TINY SHIFTS that compound into MASSIVE IMPACT in every aspect of our lives.


Set and achieve goals around physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Diet changes (that are sustainable for you and your family) – this is not another fad diet plan. This is a new way of eating and looking at food.

Exercise routine ( I have done a variety of different exercises mostly from home and for free)

Tap into inner motivation by connecting to your true self

Finding selflove

Make life changes by replacing old habits that don’t serve you with new habits

Changing limiting beliefs

Increase emotional wellbeing

Our health is the most important thing we have. I truly believe health is a “whole thing” and it needs to be looked at holistically. It starts from inside out. It starts physically but it is also mental and spiritual. Many of us only realize the power of this statement when we “loose” our health and I have been there. I don’t wish on anyone what I have been through. Don’t wait any longer. Investing on your health is investing on your future. Do something now! There is so much you can do to have more vitality, energy, joy and happiness in your life. Our bodies are amazing and so resilient, don’t underestimated what your body can do because it can heal, it can renew itself, it can regenerate and it can get back to balance. All you need to do is nurture it with love, lots of love.

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