After cancer diagnosis coaching

Have you just being diagnosed with cancer? Are you lost and scared? Do you want to make changes on your health and lifestyle but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to help your body to heal during cancer treatment?

I have been there…the fear…the sadness…the unknown is so overwhelming.

After reading several books and researching a lot about physical, mental and spiritual health, I slowly made changes to my life during cancer treatment. Those changes helped me to finish 12 cycles of chemotherapy feeling physically and mentally stronger than I had ever been.

I come from a place where I know how challenging cancer can be physically and mentally…I believe there is so much only YOU can do so you can also finish your treatment feeling stronger and happier.

In this program, I will help you to take one step at a time in order to making small changes that will compound into massive impact into your physical and mental health.

This programs includes:
-Minimum 1 X 45 minutes call weekly (or video-calls if preferred) for 6 months -Unlimited email access so you feel supported during this challenging time.

After cancer diagnosis coaching sessions

45 minutes calls (video calls if preferred) where we discussed the health and lifestyle issues you are facing and we will set an action plan in place to solve these issues. Individual payment to be made before coaching session.


Mid cancer treatment coaching

Do you feel you have tried making changes during treatment but we haven’t been able to? Do you feel your body is deteriorating during treatment? Would you like to stop gaining weight during cancer treatment?

I remember asking myself “how am I going to survive 12 cycles of chemotherapy?” After my first cycle. It was rough….I felt I wasn’t going to make the next day after the nurse disconnected my chemotherapy pump from my body. Little by little I started making changes and slowly my body felt stronger…I spent less and less days in bed…I spent more days feeling good. I started doing more and more exercise. I started cycling to chemotherapy. I know right?

The body is incredible! You give it a little bit and it gives you back tenfold. I worked on all areas of my live: one by one with commitment, discipline and a strong desire to live but this time to live fully.

This program includes:

-Minimum 1 X 45 minutes call weekly (or video call if preferred) for 3 months

-Unlimited access to emails so you feel supported in this challenging time

Mid cancer treatment coaching sessions

45 minutes calls (video calls if preferred) weekly where we work on small steps to support


Post Cancer treatment

Do you feel you need to help your body recover from cancer treatment? Do you want to make changes to support your body after cancer treatment? Do you feel your body has deteriorated during cancer treatment? Do you want to loose weight after cancer treatment?

I am not just here talking about something that I read about. I have been through it myself. I felt powerless and scared. During treatment, I changed everything I could to create a healing life: diet, exercise, my mental and spiritual state of mind. I am a living proof that these changes can have a tremendous impact on your overall health and quality of life during and after cancer treatment.

I literally practice what I preach. I am here to support you through your journey. I am here to motivate you, empower you and keep you accountable to your own goals.

I remember too well what it is like to feel powerless, sick, scared. I remember what it is like to feel overwhelmed and stressed about what I needed to change to survive during chemotherapy and to avoid a cancer recurrence.

I implemented changes on my diet, exercise routine and I did a lot, a lot of mental healing.

This program includes: – Minimum 1 X 45 minutes call weekly (or video call if preferred) for 3 months -Unlimited access to emails so you feel supported in this challenging time

Post cancer treament coaching sessions

45 minutes calls (video calls if preferred) weekly where we work on step by step health and lifestyle changes you can make to support your body in this important healing process. Individual payment to be made before coaching session.


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Our health is the most important thing we have. I truly believe health is a whole “thing” and it needs to be looked at holistically. It starts from inside out. It starts physically but it is also mental and spiritual. We only realise the power of this statement when we “loose” our health and I have been there. I don’t wish on anyone what I have been through. Don’t wait any longer. Investing on your health is investing on your future. Do something now! If you feel you have reached rock bottom, there is still so much you can do. Our bodies are amazing and so resilient, don’t underestimated what your body can do because it can heal, it can renew itself, it can regenerate and it can get back to balance. All you need to do is nurture it with love, lots of love.

This is not a sales tool but an opportunity for you to get to know my coaching style. After getting in touch , you will receive a 20 minutes call, where you can decide if my coaching style suits you and if you would like to move forward to working together.

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