Don’t Want To Waste Another Year of Your Life? Read this 👇🏽

After a Stage 3 Bowel Cancer diagnosis, I have been on a journey…

A journey of healing and empowerment…

A journey of learning to love myself and forgiving others…

A journey of letting go of what was dragging me down…

A journey of taking full responsibility of my health by taking control of my habits and everything I could do every single day…

A journey of creating a strong mental and emotional state of mind by changing beliefs of a life time…

A journey of letting go of my scarcity mindset and everything that kept me in “safe” place to create my DREAM LIFE…

A journey of starting a business after cancer treatment and building to a 6-figures business with incredible and real testimonials….

It was a journey and it is still is because TRANSFORMATION doesn’t happen overnight…

TRANSFORMATION takes time and effort….


It takes you to Stop Blaming others

And to STOP Complaining about everything and everyone 

It requires taking REAL STEPS into CREATING your DREAM BODY AND MIND

It requires a ton of courage daily to show up in a different way

It requires vulnerability to speak your truth out loud

It requires energy – physical and mental to keep working through the challenges

It requires resilience to be able to get back up again instead of falling back into old habits.

I have put together a SPECIAL BUNDLE for you (only for my email list) 



THE JOURNEY is a collection of ALL of MY COURSES that will help you to let go of the old and create the new.

Each course will take you on a journey of healing and empowerment so you can create your DREAM LIFE

CHANGE YOUR HABITS – CHANGE YOUR LIFE – will take you through physical and emotional habits that stick so you can create 10 x more energy and focus which are a MUST to create your dream life. 

Most people are exhausted and can’t focus on their goals more than a day as a result of it.

If you have lost your momentum for this year and is waking up exhausted just thinking about what you want to achieve, this course will get you back on track and more.

THE SELF DISCOVERY JOURNEY – will take you on a journey to connect to self love and self compassion which is the most important foundation for creating a SUCCESSFUL LIFE.

Connecting to self love is different than knowing what self love is. 

If you catch yourself up thinking: 

“I am not good enough”

“I haven’t accomplished enough”

This course will change that thought process for you.

FINDING FORGIVENESS – this course will take you a journey to leave the past behind you or anything that has been holding you back. Forgiving yourself and others for all the things you believe you didn’t deserve to go through.

If you are holding a grudge or if you are angry with someone, you are not running at your full capacity. You are running at a 30-40% of your full physical and mental capacity and wasting the rest 70% holding a grudge.

Holding a grudge takes your energy away and leaves you depleted.

FREE YOURSELF TO RECEIVE – It is a journey to say “yes” to yourself and “no” to everything that doesn’t serve you and it is distracting you from creating your DREAM LIFE.

If you are constantly feeling guilty about saying “no” or if you say “yes” just to make other people happy, you are not living a life for you. 

This course will give you practical tools to apply on a daily life so you can get your power and time back.

DE-STRESS YOURSELF DAILY – this course will teach you how to manage your stress in a completely different way. It is a journey to take control of how you react to the stresses of life which is crucial to build success. 

If you are trying to create your DREAM LIFE from a place of being and feeling completely stressed out daily, you will be feeling depleted.

This course will help you to create a different baseline to deal with the stresses of life differently which let’s face it – it is real. Life will keep happening and it is about how you react to it.

JOURNEY TO BELONGING – this course will take you on a journey to know who you truly are and let go of the beliefs about yourself that don’t serve you.

If you never felt you belonged anywhere and you are constantly seeking validation as a result of it, this course will take on a journey to see you in a completely different way.

CRUSH YOUR HABITS – CRUSH YOUR GOALS – This course will take you by the hand through habits you MUST practice to crush your goals. You are what you do not what you say you will do.

Most people can’t follow through with their habits because they have their basics wrong. It is about knowing how to implement the habits so you can experience REAL TRANSFORMATION.

HEAL YOURSELF to HEAL OTHERS – This course will take you a journey to heal yourself so you can help others. If you want to change the world, the change starts with you.

If you want to help others but you are too scared to put yourself out on social media, there is a part of you that needs healing. 

This course will take on a journey to help you to heal that part of you that it is still hiding.

EMBRACE YOUR INNER POWER – This course will take you on a journey to get connected to how powerful you are so you can achieve your wildest dream.

Most people are constantly berating themselves and as a result of that feeling very disconnected to what they are really capable of. If you want to take your power back, this course is for you.

You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to ALL of these courses 

For only $547 USD 

Each course has 4-5 videos and each video has a practical tool you can apply to your life straight away.

When can you start seeing results?

As soon as you finish listening to your first video and you implement the practical tool.

What can I guarantee?

I can guarantee that after completing all of these courses (which you can do in 44 days if you watch one video per day) you WILL FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON

You will be practicing tools daily that will compound massively. You will be taking steps towards creating your dream life as you will have 10 x more energy, 10 x more focus, less stress and more balance, less distractions and more targeted activities. You will understand yourself better and understand what triggers you and what drags you down. You will also know how to get back up and will have the motivation to actually do it.

I can also guarantee if you keep doing the same things as you are right now, you will get the same result at the end of this year.

Angelica but I never follow through with anything. Why do you think I will be able to follow through with that?

My teachings are based on SIMPLICITY ( I am a busy mum of 2 and a pup who looks after her health every day so what I teach is simple to implement)

My teachings are also REALITY based (I have implemented all of these tools as well as my clients so these are proven methods – no magic pills here, this is real stuff)

These processes are based on IMPLEMENTATION to TRANSFORMATION – it is not the what, it is the how and connecting to the why. 



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