Creating your dream life

My favourite movie is


Every time I watch it I feel

FREEDOM inside

And since I had kids

I would always wonder after I watch the movie again

I have watched that 1000 times 😂🤣😂🤣

“Will I ever travel again?”

Not on holidays but the travelling type when you only plan the next few days

Worry about the food you are going to eat on that day

Where you are going to sleep

What you are going to do

I always wanted to show my kids a different way of living

It is not something it was encouraged in my house or in my culture

I needed my kids to experience it

Before they got too settled in what society requires from them

I am not going to lie

This week has been a major adjustment to us all

From leaving all our belongings behind

To starting a new routine that incorporates everyone needs

Home schooling, my work, Oscar 🤪

I feel once more

Getting out of our comfort zone

It is going to make us all stronger as a family

And wiser as human beings

PS: Everywhere we go , we get stopped for people to “speak” to our dog. It is hilarious 😆

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