From someone who’s been through Stage 3 Bowel cancer diagnosis and unfulfilled 9-5 corporate job to feeling physically and emotionally the healthiest at 41 years while creating a successful business.

Here’s what most people do

– Blame and complaint about their health and life without taking full responsibility of it

– Get used to mediocre health because of age and any other factors they can blame on

– They choose “fake” security a full time job give than rather than the “risky” life of an entrepreneur

– They do not admit they need help in any area of their lives.

– Keep telling them whatever story makes them feel comfortable and secure instead of telling them the “real story”

Here’s what I’ve experienced to be work:

– Stop blaming and complaining – it is nobody fault your life is how it is and you are the only one who can change it

– You don’t have to accept mediocre health regardless of your situation – there will be always an example of someone who have thrived in the same situation as you are

– When you are a full time employee, they can get rid of you at any time. The security you have built in your head is not real.

– Let the ego and your need to be right go – acknowledge where you need help and get helped by someone who is where you want to be

– Stop telling you the story that makes you feel comfortable and secure. The real story is not about letting your inner voice take over to put you down, it is about being real and factual to yourself.

Now, how do you even start?

  1. Start with the ego…

The ego tricks you to feeling comfortable even though you feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally

The quicker you develop a relationship with your ego, the quicker you understand how the ego is tricking you.

It would have been easier for me to think:

“Why don’t you go back to your job and be happy instead of starting a whole new business and putting more stress in your life?”

This is what I answered the ego:

“Well yes it would be easier except that I am going to work unhappy and unfulfilled every single day so whatever you are scared of, I am happy to talk about it as I am doing this anyway.”

The ego doesn’t have much power on you, when you recognize it and keep it in check.

  • Let go of your need to be right

We all go through it right?

We scroll through facebook and see people accomplishing things we would like to accomplish but truth is, we can’t all do everything…

The quicker you acknowledge what you can do by yourself and what you can’t do by yourself, the quicker you are going to go from point A to point B.

Successful people that we put on pedestals don’t get there by hopping from one free webinar to another free webinar.

They invest their money on themselves and they have coaches, so get yourself a coach to help you achieve what you can’t do it by yourself.

  • Stop blaming and complaining

We all do it too but mostly is a habit. We learned to do it and we keep doing it.

That keeps us in a place where we give ourselves permission NOT to take FULL responsibility for our lives.

It is easier to blame on somebody or something else rather than ask ourselves:

What can I (only I) do to change this situation?

I will go even a step further…

With all the knowledge there is available on the internet, gathering more information is not the solution either.


“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”

Deepak Chopra

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