How to break your sugar habit – and help your health in the process

You probably don’t want to admit this but…

You are addicted to sugar

I know right! That is a big assumption from me but

Let’s just go through some of the things that you might have eating today that are filled with sugar

Any sauces (tomato sauce, barbecue sauce etc any sort of sauce that you add to your plate that are shop bought)

Bread (it is not the wheat I am talking about, it is the actual sugar it is added to bread)

Protein bars or any nut bar (if you check the ingredients on those, 99% of them will have sugar added to it)

If you ate anything out, a muffin or a salad (the dressing will have sugar on it)

Let’s not talk about that small treat you had at work which hey it is only small right?😬

Little by little your body gets physically addicted to sugar because sugar gives you a physical high.

And with any high there needs to be the low just like any substance that you abuse.

Sugar is everywhere and to avoid it

You Need To Be a Ninja

You Need To Actually Want To Avoid It

Not just let the world avoid it for you

Because the world won’t

Sugar is everywhere

I was addicted to sugar before my cancer diagnosis but I would never admit that

I cooked from scratch daily but when I started noticing the amount of stuff I bought from packages

It was still huge😩

Then I started noticing the hidden sugars

Lastly I realised the amount of sugar I was consuming whilst drinking alcohol🤦🏽‍♀️

I was shocked by the amount of sugar I was eating D.A.I.L.Y.

Yes I know the feeling,

you resist that treat at work and you get home 

and drink 1-2 units of alcohol and bang…😳

Your sugar quota goes out of the window in about 20 minutes or less

depending how quickly you drink that glass.😕

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8 Things You Can Do To Overcome Your Sugar Addiction

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