How to become 1% of the 1%?

I am here for the true 1% within the 1%, the ones who CHOSE to identify themselves as such and 


We all know everything we want to find out

the world is not short of information 

but only 1% is living a life filled with health, happiness and freedom.

Because only 1% of people are taking action

I am not only talking about financial freedom 

I see too many people getting fixated on money only as if this is the only definition of success

whilst their health is left in the background

Their relationships are in shambles if they have any

They are slave of wanting and buying material objects to fill the void they fill on the inside

Don’t get me wrong

Money is good 

Money is energy

And we need good energy

but there are too many successful people in the graveyard these days

and I certaintly don’t want to be one of them

A successful life needs a balance of health, happiness and freedom.

But what I see mostly is people scrolling looking for the next short cut

Moaning and complaining about their life

and hoping and wishing something is going to change out of thin air

Most of my clients came to me when they were ready to do the work

They were so sick of everything that was making them unhappy

that they invest on themselves

Took action

and got results

If you ask me what mostly stop people is 

FEAR – fear of themselves and the commitment to themselves –

Nothing to do with anybody else other than themselves

It is not about the money

It is about

If I buy this course, when will I do it?

What will she say that I don’t know already?

How can I change my life if I am so busy?

I can’t fit in anything else in my life…

Truth is, we all change when we want to change

We all seek help when we are sick of our own misery

We all make changes when we can no longer put up with our own sffering.


Our lives are a picture of what it is important to us

How much time do you spend scrolling on social media?

How much time do you spend exercising and cooking healthily?

How much money do you spend on things you don’t need?

How much money do you spend on your growth and development?

Ya see if you won the lottery today

You might be able to get a make over

but if what goes in your mouth and in your head is unhealthy

Guess what?

You will be unhealthy

If you had all the time in the world

You might be able to exercise, cook from scratch, meditate, practice yoga

But would you have the motivation to do it?

When it comes to change our lives

how we feel deeply inside

we need to a ton of work to reprogram all the harmful habits we collected through our lives when we were living asleep

and this is what the 1% of 1% of people in the world did, do and will continue to do

They don’t play the victim

They don’t blame on anybody else

They take full responsibility on what they can do every single day

They have sacrificed once upon in time spending money on things they didn’t need to

to spending money on themselves

They have sacrificed once upon in time spending time with their family and friends to

spending time on their grow and development

“If you don’t sacrifice for your dreams, then your dreams will become the sacrifice”

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