Health is not measured by how you look but by how you feel every day….

Happiness is not measured by what you have but by how you feel on the inside…

Fulfilment is not measured by what others think about you but by how what you do each day makes you feel…

Magic pills, instant gratification, quick results give you a taste of health, happiness and fulfilment but it is only a taste…

not the full blown…

After I reached rock bottom with my physical, emotional health as well as my professional life, I stopped fooling myself with a shot of it all, I wanted the full blown.

I started looking at everything as a long term plan:

What can I do today to feel the healthiest I can for as long as I can?

What do I need to change emotionally to feel the happiest I can for as long as I can?

What do I need to accomplish each day to feel as fulfilled as I can each and every day of my working hours?

People are constantly looking for the quick fixes short term results while they are missing the magic of the long term thinking.

If you want to transform your life on the long term and stop going around in circles looking for the next shiny object that will get you one more dopamine hit, rest assure that

This is what it is possible if you are committed to your transformation:

Go from exhaustion to peak energy

Emotionally broken and hurt to emotionally free

Overwhelm to being in control

Not having choices to making different choices

It is all down to one thing: are you worth it?

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