Can you look yourself in the eyes and say “I love you”?

People get confused and upset to talk about self love…

Confused because although they understand the concept, 

they are too far from feeling it for real

They then choose that it is not an important practice

Always easier to run away, suppress it or hide away from the truth

When they truly know they don’t love themselves, 

They feel upset 

Because they can’t get out of that feeling

The feeling that they are not enough

They don’t matter

They are not important

They are not worth

So it is easier to get upset about it than deal with it…

This is exactly where I was…

I never thought my cancer journey was going to be about learning to love myself

And accept myself truly and deeply

For everything I was…

The good and the bad…

When I started loving myself, it was easier to eat foods that made my body heal…

To listen to things that helped my mind to heal…

To do things that made myself feel happy and content…

To create a life for me and not for others…

To put myself first

When I didn’t love myself, it felt like I enjoyed punishing myself with rubbish food…

With stress and anger…

With feeling unhappy and discontent…

Learning how to love myself was the foundation for my healing

It took so much courage to admit that 

I had been abusing my body because I didn’t love myself. 

I had low self-worth and lived like a victim. 

I spent most of my time trying to be a perfectionist to cover up for how unworthy I felt.

Cancer taught me how to free myself from the inside out, 

how to walk back to myself again, 

how to build a relationship with who I really am. 

Cancer taught me to love myself for real

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I can assure you…

It will be INCREDIBLE!

Because this is what I am experiencing it!🙌🏽

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