How does overworking affect physical and emotional health?

Yesterday somebody told me with pride

“I work 80 hours per week”

It reminded me when I used to put work first…

Before me…

Before my kids…

Before my husband…

I though I was young and “healthy”

And before cancer, I wore that “I am a hard worker” badge too.

What I didn’t realise was that slowly my body was deteriorating.

Even though I kept pushing through all the signs, my body was keeping the scores.

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From personal experience, when I look back I was putting my body under an enormous amount of pressure physically and emotionally

We all know that chronic stress is a real thing and in actual fact 80% of doctors visits (GP) these days are related stress😱

After years of putting my body under stress, my body finally gave up.

I found myself at the emergency department looking healthy from the outside and dying from the inside.

The doctors couldn’t believe there was anything wrong with me

Until they put me through the CT scan machine

A daring diagnosis of Stage 3 Bowel Cancer was revealed after 4 days of investigation.

Anyhow I asked the person who had told me she was working 80 hours per week

Do you have a routine in place that supports you through it?

She then told me even with more pride:

I follow Einstein plan:

Work eat nap

I didn’t know how old Einstein was when he died.

So I googled it

It turned out he died at an old age then (not now) at 76 years old

So the I googled if he had good health

This is what I found👇🏼

It turns out Einstein suffered for 39 years out of 76 from many things people suffer from these days.

Yes working 80 hours per week has a price and it is up to each of us to make a decision if we want to pay that price or not.

Because there is always another way!🙌🏼

Overworking can cause chronic disease

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