You know I haven’t watched the news in years but now that I am on social media (I only joined Facebook and Instagram last year, believe it or not?) is pretty hard to stay away from the coronavirus news and its effect on people, the economy, the whole world really.

But I have started seeing some courageous people out there that are stopping to feed the fear, the sadness, the unknown that the coronavirus are bringing into our lives.

I guess it is hard to see the positives when there is so much negativity around us. But truth is there is always a positive in every situation and we should practice looking at life and each situation a little more with positive eyes.

I thought instead of feeding you with the continuation of my emotional healing story which by the way is not finished yet, I was going to highlight to you the positives I have read about this whole situation:

Emissions are dropping faster than countless years of climate negotiations

People are working together as a community more than ever. They are respecting the government directions to stop the spread of the virus. People are offering to shop for the elderly. People are offering to share their food with their neighbours. At a global level, we are actually pulling together.

In Venice, in Italy the epicenter of the coronavirus, the canals are empty of its usual boat traffic, photos on social media are showing clear waters and the return of wildlife. People have spotted dolphins in the canals. If you have been to Venice, you would know how impossible that sounds.

So maybe we should go back to our practice to look for positives in every situation…we all know that where focus goes energy flows so let’s try practicing to feed more into what we want to and desire to happen with this whole thing.

Hope this gets you thinking about creative ways to make this world a better place. Sometimes we need a reset and it feels like the earth is getting one, we are getting one…and yes sometimes it is inconvenient and we didn’t ask for it but once more we need to stick to it and trust the process.

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