Do You Believe in Love?

Today I am not going to share about how much money I am making🙄

Or my clients success🤔

Or how healthy I am after going through a healthy crisis😁

Today I will share with you a “love story”💕

She was born in Brazil

He was born in England

She is an extrovert

He is an introvert

She is feisty

He is calm and collected

She can’t even build Lego😂

He can build even a house

She loves studying📖

He likes watching crap tv🤪

She is black and white

He can see the “grey”

How come 2 souls from opposite sides of the globe met in a random place in Budapest?

They were both sending “rockets” of desire

To Never Settle for Anything but

👉🏽Being loved
👉🏽Giving love

This is my story…

My husband story…

18 years together…

I wish for you this year to believe in love

To believe in love again

To never settle for anything but love

It is possible ❤️

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