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I never thought in a million years I was going to be diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer at 38 years old. I believed I was invincible. I believe I could handle anything, that my body could handle anything until it couldn’t. My journey through cancer taught me how to free myself from the inside, how to walk back to myself again, how to build a relationship with who I really am.

Freeing myself to receive was an important part of my recovery. Up to the point of my diagnosis, I gave too much of myself to everyone and everything but myself….until I was empty.

In this course you will learn 5 tools you can apply on your day-to-day life so you can start receiving as supposed to feel like you are always giving.

In each module I will take you through yoga poses, meditation, positive affirmations and intention downloads so you can feel the learning deep inside you.

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