What motivated me to heal myself?

My kids and what I realised they were modelling (from me)

Kids do what they see you doing.

Anger or happiness
Self love or self hatred
Worthiness or Unworthiness
Ability to show your emotions or numbing yourself with drugs, alcohol, food etc

Parenting is like showing you a reflection of yourself in a mirror daily

If you dare to even look at it.

Before cancer, I was unconscious.

After cancer, I could not keep going that way.

I speak about breaking generation patterns in my book as a path to healing 

because I have seen some of my clients struggling to take action to heal for themselves

When you think about your daughter or son

growing up and feeling unworthy
working themselves to the ground and not prioritising themselves
eating crap food and not exercising
binge drinking every night
getting into toxic relationships
accepting abuse
blaming and complaining everyone
getting angry all the time

You stop and think

Is this the kind of behaviour I want to model to my kids?

So many people are focus on building generational wealth so their kids can be comfortable financially.

Money can always be lost and if that happens,

will they have enough resiliency to build themselves up again?

Will they have enough worthiness without any material stuff?

would they be able to hold their value without money?

When we make a decision to heal ourselves, 

we are making a decision to heal patterns of generations.

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