Are you living an unhappy life?

“What will people say?”

“Who will I be without my job, my salary, my status?”

I left recruitment after my cancer treatment

Because I spent my days speaking to people living





They were unhappy about their jobs

They had left their dreams behind

They were stressed out about everything

They were addicted to caffeine and sugar

I couldn’t bare to go from one meeting to another

Meeting these people to help them find a “new job”

aka a solution to their problems they thought 😕

They were mostly living such unconscious lives that

A new job wasn’t going to help them

A new job was the next bandaid they were focussing on

To cover up their inner unhappiness and di-sease

They were experiencing in their minds and bodies

After my awakening/wake up call experience

I couldn’t live in darkness anymore

And staying in recruitment was enabling people live in darkness

I wanted a lot more out of life

and I knew that I had gone through my cancer experience

for a reason

It had a deep calling and purpose to help people

Wake up IF they wanted to

At the beginning of my business I thought I could help everyone

but I realised that the big IF

is a massive part of anybody journey

IF you want to,

👉🏽You can move mountains

👉🏽You can change the world

👉🏽You can do anything

When you don’t want to, you give yourself all the excuses in the world

👉🏽 to stay where you are

👉🏽To justify why you can’t change

👉🏽To accept your circumstances

Change doesn’t come in a silver plater to anyone

If you want it, you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN

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