About me

Hi, I am Angelica Alen

Wellness and Lifestyle Expert

I was 38 years old

when I was…diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. When I was told about it, in that exact moment, my world stopped… I froze with fear, sadness and I couldn’t even begin to start thinking about how my life was going to be from that moment on. After spending a couple of weeks in a really dark place, I gathered some strength from inside my physical and mental body to tackle what it was the biggest challenge of my life. As my cancer was in the bowel, I started questioning everything I ate to begin with as whatever I was doing clearly didn’t work for me. I start reading books and step by step I started seeing food through different lenses. Food became part of my medicine cabinet, one of the most important tools I could use to create a healthier body. For me it was about getting as close as I could to nature, eating things that I knew where they came from, things that were alive as this was my exact focus: being and staying alive.

Then I came across all the research around exercise and cancer. I had already started walking but I knew I needed to do more so again slowly, at baby steps, I added exercise to my daily routine. On my worst days, I would drag my self for a walk around the block, on my best days, I would ride my bike outside or inside (on a wind trainer), work on some resistance training(at home) but the best thing I did was yoga. I found a Youtube chanel that I liked, that I felt connected to and I practiced yoga as much as I could at home.

My body started to feel stronger even though I was being hammered by chemotherapy every 2-3 weeks. I carried on reading about the body, the mind, the whole body mind connection. I was searching for ways to get back into balance, to help my body to heal.

I then knew I needed to tackle my emotional state of mind, my thoughts, the ugly things that were inside myself making me sick and that was hard…but it needed to be done and again slowly I started working on observing my thoughts, focussing on the positives in any situation, controlling my emotions and going through all the emotional baggage that didn’t serve me anymore.

I focussed on being grateful, on living the present moment, on the NOW.

I am proud to say that everything that I did during my cancer treatment paid off big time, all my hard work was worthy it. I feel I am a changed person after cancer, I haven’t gone back to my old habits in regards to food, I still exercise every day and my mental state is happy and grateful. This picture was taken 4 months after I had finished chemotherapy (and 2 months after a hysterectomy), no make up, no editing… this is me…

This is how I can help you

Diet changes (that are sustanaible for your and your family) – this is not another fad diet plan. This is a new way of eating and experiecing food.

Exercise routine ( I have done a variety of different exercises mostly from home and for free)

Emotional healing (how to face your past wounds and open your heart for healing)

How to cultivate selflove

How to let go what it doesn’t serve you

How to set boundaries from people and things

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