If anyone asks me what is my gift, I would always say: it is my ability to connect with people.

At work I was always interested in who people were, what drove them as I worked in recruitment. I always tried to connect with them at a human level. I always made them feel heard.

When was last time you spoke to someone who gave you their full attention without looking at their mobile?

These days this experience is a rarity right?

I became successful at what I did because I loved it so much.

When I had to go back to work after going through cancer treatment I couldn’t find myself anymore in that reality.

Although I loved what I did and tried very hard to find myself within it again, I just couldn’t.

I had been so grateful for how my company had supported me through that whole experience that I tried everything I could to make it work but I needed to be true to myself.

It was difficult to let go of that part of me…and let go of all the hard work I had put in for 10 years growing a career…

After cancer I noticed how many people were surviving and existing instead of living a life they really wanted to live.

It was so difficult not to tell them:

You have to find another solution if you are that unhappy

Find another job

Life is too short

Because they hadn’t faced what I had faced

Death and the reality that our time here is limited

I remember talking to a software developer who wanted to be a developer and told me – this is just a dream, I can’t do that.

I asked him: why not?

He said because I need to pay my bills. I tried to make it work in the past and it hasn’t worked.

He didn’t love his job and was spending well over 40 hours doing something he didn’t like.

It was heart breaking to see it after what I had gone through.

I had the calling to start my business and slowly I started sharing what I had learned about health and the tools I had learned in my healing journey.

I had to be true to myself.

After what I had gone through, I couldn’t waste any more time living a life that was aligned to what my purpose and calling was.

I was also aware of damaging that had been to my health in the past so I needed to pursue my dreams regardless of the obstacles and challenges I was going to face.

During Xmas I went on holidays with my family and while on holidays I was dedicating my time to my business and I felt so energised, fulfilled and happy.

This is when I decided I needed to go all in and go for it.

I discussed with my husband (or more likely told him what I was going to do 😂) and when I came back from holidays, I resigned.

I realised that taking control of my work life was also part of my healing journey.

What we do every day in our work life impacts our health massively.

We spend so much time in a job because we think we have to do this because this is what it is expected of us and we loose the connection to what we want to do and what we are called to do.

I can see what you are thinking: Angelica, but it was so easy for you?

Well, I left my “safe” salary with 0 clients to go to. 1.5 years later I built a 6-figures business.

Was it easy?

Hell no

It took me a whole year to get the courage to leave my job.

It took me working on my business and on my job to make a final decision to go for it.

It took me lots of time and money that I invested on myself

It took me a massive learning curve to start an online business as I wasn’t even online

But I had a deep desire to empower people

To help people to take ownership of their health just like I had done

To help people create a life of their dreams

I couldn’t ignore what I had learned

Now when I see my clients changing their lives…

When I receive messages from random people saying – thank you, you have inspired me

It is magical to say the least
It made it all worthy

It makes all the fear and doubt look so small in comparison to what I have achieved and what I had to overcome

Your work life is a massive part of your well being

When you are not happy in your work life, it is hard to be happy outside of that..in your personal life

When you are not happy in your work life, you feel drained and it takes all your energy away…

When you are not happy in your work life, you put stress on your body and mind

How can you change that?

Make a plan and focus on it

Take small steps towards it

Hire a coach to fast track the process

Life is here for us to live in the here and now and it is up to us to decide how we live our lives in the here and the now.🙌🏼

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