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Do you love your work?

If you don’t know my story in detail…you might not know that before being a Wellness and Lifestyle Expert, I worked in recruitment.

From when I graduated from university, I had several different jobs, in marketing, logistics, customer service, finance but it wasn’t until I fell into recruitment that I felt I had found a career.

I loved dealing with people, helping them to find a new job and in most cases, they would tell me their problems beyond their career’s ones.

If anyone asks me what is my gift, I would always say: it is my ability to connect with people.🥰

At work I was always interested in who they were, what drove them. I always tried to connect with them at a human level. I gave them the attention they were craving for. I gave them my ears to listen to their problems.

You know like when you are talking with someone, giving them your full attention and not looking at your mobile?

These days it is rare to have those conversations right?

I became successful at what I did because I loved it so much and in the last year before I was diagnosed with cancer, I moved to Brisbane to work for the same company​ I used to work for in Auckland.

When I moved, the company gave me an opportunity to recruit a different specialization. I started recruiting for software developers.

It was a massive learning curve for me to understand what they did…

It was a competitive and unforgiven market, so when I called a candidate unless I knew what I was talking about, they wouldn’t give me the time of the day.

Again I worked so hard in that year to learn everything about developers….while my health was declining fast…🤦

I felt I needed to prove to the company I worked for that they had made the right choice to give me an opportunity in Brisbane.

After my diagnosis, chemotherapy…I tried going back to work…first part-time….

It was difficult to let go of that part of me…and to let go of all the hard work I had put in…I had been working in recruitment for 10 years…

And after cancer, I really started noticing how many people I spoke to daily that were unhappy about what they did.

It was so difficult not to tell them:

Find another solution…

Find another job..

Life is too short…

after what I had been through.

I remember talking to a very successful developer who told me he would love to be a photographer.

I asked them why don’t you do it?

He told me, he had tried and it didn’t work.🙁

He wasn’t the only one, I could see how much people’s work life affected their well being as I was a lot more aware of it.

Slowly as I started my own business alongside my part-time job and I had to be true to myself.

After what I had gone through, all of a sudden I had this urgency of living a life that I wanted, not a life that was expected of me anymore.

I was also very aware of how draining I felt after the days I worked as a recruiter…it didn’t make me feel happy anymore.

During last year’s Christmas holidays, I told myself I am going to work on my business everyday, put 100% of my time on it.

I felt great…I wasn’t tired…if anything I could work more…

so I discussed with my husband and I decided I was going to resign when I got back from holidays and I did.

I needed to take control of my work life as the last part of my healing. I needed to do what it made me feel happy.🙂

We spend so much time unhappy in a job because you think we have to, we don’t have other options and we forget that we are spending more time unhappy than happy as we spend 8 hours or more 5 days per week in our jobs.

I can see you are thinking but it is easy for you…you knew what you wanted to do…you could just leave your job etc…

Truth is it wasn’t easy…. it took me a whole year to get the courage to leave my job.

It took me working on my business and on my job, refining what I did daily, doing lots of online courses to learn how I could go about my business…

while I was recovering from chemotherapy…

Remember I wasn’t even on social media!

But I had a deep desire to share my story and to share with the world that we could regain control of our health regardless of our situation.

I couldn’t ignore what I had learned.

Now when I see a client making progress, when I see people changing after working with me…

When I get messages from people saying thank you for what you are doing, I have changed my diet…I introduced exercise…I am more aware of my thoughts…

It made it all worthy…

It makes all the fear and doubt look so small in comparison to what I believe my mission is…

What I am trying to say here is your work life is a massive part of your well being…

When you are not happy at your work life…it is hard to be happy at home, with your family, with yourself, on your free time.

When you are not happy at you work life, you feel drained and it takes your energy away….

When you are not happy at your work life, you put stress on your body and mind….

How can you change that?

As everything in life, focus on it, make small steps towards a new job, a new career, setting up your own business or whatever you desire.

Life is here for us to live in the here and the now and it is up to us to decide how we live our lives in the here and the now.

Give it your best shot!

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