Emotional healing – Part 2

After my crying episode day…I was ready…I was ready to face the beast…I knew I had so much to work on…and I was willing to go for it…

My husband’s aunty prompted me to find a church…she knew I believed in God but she also knew I hadn’t been to church for a while…

I found a church close by and we went to the Sunday service together…after the service, Nick’s aunty prompted me again…this time she said: I think we should ask the pastor to pray for you….

I was terrified….😱when I was little, my grandmother used to pray/bless us….she was catholic but in reality, she wasn’t a nice person…but this is a story for another day….so I have always been funny about people praying with their hands on me.

But this time I knew I needed everything it could help me…this time I needed to change things around…I needed to open up…I needed to heal my heart…

So I asked the pastor to pray for me….needless to say…I started to cry so much that I started sobbing….😭I felt I had such a closed energy that the pastor asked me if he could put his hands on my shoulders??

He could feel it too….🤦🏼‍♀️

I don’t remember exactly what he said…I remember what I felt….I felt like I had been carrying a ton of weight on my shoulders…a ton of anger….a ton of things that didn’t serve me…

But I also felt a little light inside me….it was not all lost…I just needed to keep doing the work…keep believing in the process…I needed to believe I was going to be ok.

In a world where we are busy all the time, we are drawn to our tech gadgets 24/7 and more and more material stuff…I feel we have walked so far away from ourselves that the walk back feels like a slow walk in the dessert looking for that little bit of water…it is challenging, it is lonely, it is uncomfortable but to get to the water…we need to keep walking…we need to keep doing the work.

I hope from the bottom of my heart….you haven’t walked away from yourself as far as I did…

I believe there is always a way to walk back but if this is how you feel, stop now…acknowledge it….and be open to walk back….turn around…start doing the work.

Don’t wait any longer….[To be contd.]

Published by angelicaalen

After a Stage 3 Bowel Cancer diagnosis, I embarked on a journey where I searched for my own physical, mental and spiritual healing alongside conventional medicine. I became so passionate about all the changes I made in my life that I feel is now my mission to help people regain control of their health physically and mentally as well as their lifestyle while facing an adversity as cancer. I am a Wellness and Lifestyle coach.

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