It is almost Xmas and you can feel in air the business of season…people running around to catch up once more before the end of the year…parties to go to right, left and centre and many opportunities for us to fill our bodies with sugar, alcohol and if you ask me, a load of crap.

It is also the month we have to deal with relationships and people that we don’t feel like dealing with…things that don’t serve us…people who have hurt us in the past, or people who created pain in our lives. It is stressful but we feel we need to do it because after all it is Christmas.

But what if this year we stayed a little more vigilant?

Instead of binge eating and drinking in every opportunity, we only did 1 out of 2 opportunities?

What if instead of dealing with the same painful relationships as we have always dealt with or were forced to deal with, we faced them and developed different ones with those same people?

What if this year we at least start the process? The process of healing and letting go of things that don’t serve us anymore.

I used to drink a lot…I used to love a party ( I am not saying that I don’t love a party anymore because I do)…but no, I don’t drink anymore. And yes it took me cancer to make this decision…

But I am not saying you should stop drinking but we can be a little bit more vigilant and caring towards our bodies and ourselves…and being vigilant could mean not drink as much in every opportunity, or not drink at all in some of the parties. (I can imagine you have several parties to go to during December so not drinking in one of them, it won’t kill you – trust me.)

Being vigilant for our health’s sake is making small changes that count.

They don’t need to be extreme ones (like stop drinking altogether) but they can be small ones (like drinking less etc).

So I leave you with that thought?

What can you do this December to be vigilant with your mental and physical health?

And don’t forget every little bit counts…be gentle to your body, mind and soul.

I am a living proof that small changes compound to massive impact on our health. Trust me, it is so worth it.

Published by angelicaalen

After a Stage 3 Bowel Cancer diagnosis, I embarked on a journey where I searched for my own physical, mental and spiritual healing alongside conventional medicine. I became so passionate about all the changes I made in my life that I feel is now my mission to help people regain control of their health physically and mentally as well as their lifestyle while facing an adversity as cancer. I am a Wellness and Lifestyle coach.

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